banbury canal view

Project 366 2016 week 15

Into week 15 of Project 366, and as usual I’m finding I’m taking stacks of photos one day and then one the next.  I don’t know if everyone doing the project feels the same or whether they’re much more controlled and planned about taking one specific photo each day.  I’m more of a ‘take photos, then at the end of the week decide’ type of girl!

Here’s week 15’s photos.

On Sunday we didn’t do much at all. N went out on the farm for a bit, but it was just a relaxing last day of the Easter holidays for us.  N of course, didn’t stop eating all day.  I can never tell if he’s having a growth spurt because he’s always eating, but it turns out he’s grown 5cm in the last 3 months so I’m not surprised really.

eating an apple

On Monday I tried a difference dance venue and ceroc franchise to normal, travelling to Buckingham.  One of the great things about where we live is that we’re under an hour away from so many places.  The OH thinks I’m nuts travelling all over the place for dancing, but given there’s none on my doorstep, if it’s a good night’s dancing, it’s worth the effort.  Different teacher, different dancers and moves and different music.  Plus of course, the more you’re seen to be dancing in the different places, the more people you meet before you turn up at new freestyle venues, therefore knowing you’ll get more dances and more people to say hi to.  The way home was not the best drive though.  It was so foggy I could hardly see anything (my car’s headlights are particularly rubbish anyway) even with the foglights.  I was very relieved to be driving back on country roads following another car all the way back to Banbury.

foggy evening on the roads

On Tuesday it was a normal school and work day.  N’s still doing the creep into the bedroom bit, so I came back from late night dancing to find him plus teddies in the bed. The OH had given up moving him when he goes up to bed!

sleeping child

On Wednesday some of our work photography club went to Banbury museum to see the British Life awards photography exhibition.  It was really interesting both looking at some inspiring photography, but also seeing snaps that anyone could have taken that had also managed to place in the awards.  I took this photo from the museum bridge over the canal.

banbury canal view

On Thursday the chickens from next door were on the run again. They’re so funny because as soon as they’re let out of their house, they make a run for it and escape round to our garden instead.  They’d be in our house given half the chance as well.

chickens on the run

On Friday it was sleepover time for N while we went out for a meal, so N went to the farm overnight. He loves staying over there, although usually he’s got 2 of his cousins with him. This time he got Granny and Gramps to himself, and for once actually slept all night in his own bed. Usually he likes to roam into bed with Granny early mornings after Gramps gets up.  N was determined to pack his own bag, and he used his Little Life backpack we’ve been sent to review.

packing his little life rucksack

On Saturday we headed into Oxford to go and see the car I’m buying. It’d come over from a sister branch during the week, so I needed to ok that I definitely wanted that one. Unfortunately it needs fully valeting, having a check over and the protective outer and leather guard putting on so we’re picking it up next week.  All very exciting.  N has approved the colour, but he was most excited about being offered and given a hot chocolate.  He’s put in his order for one for when we pick the car up too.  I didn’t even know he liked hot chocolate because he’s always turned it down before!

relaxing at the volvo garage

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  1. a new car sounds exciting, love the pic of the chickens, ours used to escape and the local school would call us and ask us to recover them as they were disturbing the children (again) I find most days it gets to 9pm and i have to find something to take a picture of since i returned to work

  2. Hate driving back on unknown roads in the dark and the fog sounds horrendous. I always worry that if I come off the road nobody would find me till too late…..mad I know.
    Lots of out for you this week, been busy, but sounds like fun.
    Laughed at the hot choc, that sounds about typical. Hope you get your new car ok.

  3. Lovely week and yes I know exactly what you mean about not taking enough photographs! Glad N managed a full night with his grandparents. Must have been a treat for you too

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