Pengang restaurant Pad Thai boodles

Project 366 2016 week 44

This week’s Project 366, for week 44, started on the Saturday due to my weekend away with my best friend.  We left our boys at home with their dads, while we lived it up in London, eating nice food, getting sleep, and catching up.

On Saturday we ate out at a thai place at Westfield.  The food was delicious and great value.

Pengang restaurant Pad Thai boodles

On Sunday morning we went to the Paul Nash exhibition at Tate Britain.  His art isn’t my cup of tea, but the Tate Britain is a beautiful building.  Great for photographing!

Tate Britain foot

On Monday before heading off home, we had tickets to go to Sky Garden.  I couldn’t believe the queues, and it was annoying to hear people who hadn’t booked being let through in front of everyone who’d booked.  The views were pretty spectactular…and free.

view from Sky Garden

On Tuesday, it was back to routine, and after school reading.  N’s reading is coming on really well, and jumping up 2 levels was the best thing for his reading.  He’s even got books with a bit more of a story thankfully.

reading practise with Biff and Chip

On Wednesday, N tidied up all his toys…and then promptly got them right back out again. This telehandler was his reward for completing his reward charts.

paid out reward toy

On Thursday morning N dug out a drawing by numbers sheet.  They’re great for number recognition, and this one was up to 70 so great for practising.

The giant hand

On Friday after school it was tennis club again. Now it’s darker and colder, the younger class play in the village hall.  N was fine during the 20 minute warm up and drills, but as soon as they took out the rackets he refused to take part.  Saying he hated tennis and didn’t want to play again. This is the child who usually loves to play, twice a week, and when given the chance will be out in the garden playing as well.  I’m hoping it’s a first session back issue, and he’ll be ok next week.  Given I’ve paid til Christmas for both the school after school class, and the club sessions I want him to at least complete them.

obstacle session to warm up at tennis club

On Saturday it was a weird day. N had swimming, but then it was the first shoot day of the season on the farm, so he wanted to go out beating for that.  He ended up being out all day, and then went for shoot dinner in the pub, so I had a lonely day doing washing, cooking, shopping and not a lot else.  I didn’t know if he’d make it through the whole day so couldn’t really go further afield in case he wanted to come home.

The bonus was I managed to finally (after having had the box of dye a year) dye my hair.  It was meant to be chestnut, but as usual came out a bit red which is nice.  Now I’m just hoping that the greys were covered sufficiently.

going red chstnut coloure
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  1. Sky Garden is new to me and looks fantastic. I’m wondering if it would be better for my scared of heights child and husband than the London Eye. Free entry is certainly a big point in its favour.

    1. Sky Garden was fine for kids. It’s crowded getting in, and in the lifts, but once you’re there there’s plenty of room. It’s free vs the London Eye, and you still see great views.

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