primroses in morning sun with blurred out house behind

Project 52 2022 week 11

Week 11 of Project 52 and it’s been a week of good and bad news.  Add to that a lot of clashes and calendar issues to work out to make everyone get the chance to do what they want to. So we’ll have to see what we can work out.

Here’s our week 11.

On Sunday it was a relaxing day. Quick trip to town to get N some new trainers and waterproof overtrousers. In the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk. It was nice to get out, but our older labrador was struggling. She’s been slowing down a lot, and hasn’t been eating, so we don’t think she’s going to be around for much longer.

Monday back at work and school. It’s a busy time of year for work planning for next year, but at the same time I’ve got lots in the team leaving or on holiday, and partner projects that are now impacting our regular work. So lots to sort out and get covered.  In the evening N had his private tennis lesson. It feels like the weather and illness has stopped so many lessons, hopefully the weather will improve and we can get some consistency back across all the lessons.  I did get in lots of steps while his lesson was on though.

On Tuesday not a lot went on.  The table tennis table hasn’t been picked up since I laid it on the gravel during the storm winds.  I noticed the dogs have discovered it and been walking across the table surface. Lots of muddy paw prints!  I got round to standing it up again.

Wednesday it rained. A lot. It was lucky I stood up the table tennis table because the patio and gravel flooded. N’s tennis lesson was cancelled thanks to the rain.

On Thursday it was a busy day. N dressed in blue and yellow for school to support Ukraine. He came home yet again with a mashed up knee thanks to falling over some twigs on the playground. He seems to be so clumsy but evidently there are others just the same.  He got a ‘welcome’ letter from his secondary school inviting him to the Year 6 day in July. We’re not sure how it’ll work because the day’s in the middle of their residential week. 

I also got notification that I’d got Wimbledon tickets in the ballot. My first time of finally getting tickets. And yes, they’re during residential week too. So the OH will potentially need to do pick up after residential, and tennis drop off and pick up while I go to Wimbledon with a friend. It’s a shame because if N had been able to come, we’d have stayed over and spent the Saturday in London too. It’s all up in the air, and we’ll have to see how things work out.

It was also a sad day because our older labrador was put down. She’d just not been eating for a couple of weeks, and was getting thinner. She didn’t really leave her spot in the sun near the car port all of Wednesday. We got her when N was a baby and they’ve grown up together, she was the softest dog. I’m already missing having her following me up to the house so she can have a stroke.

Friday was a beautiful day. Work was frantic as I’m covering my admins as they’re not in, and I need to get things turned around fast. We had a totally forgetful day. First we forgot to take in a single use water bottle for the activity N was meant to be doing for Red Nose Day at school. Then I’d forgotten to give him a donation, said I’d bring it at pick up time, but forgot it then too. So I’ll have to just donate directly online rather than via school. 

N came home with a bad headache – of course it’s a tennis day, and after so many rain cancelled sessions I don’t really want him missing another. With group sessions I don’t get the session back like I can with privates. He had a negative lateral flow test (the last time he had a bad headache, he had Covid), but it might be a bit of hayfever type irritation. He says he struggles with the lavender outside their classroom.

Saturday and thankfully N’s headache had gone, although he’s still snuffly.  The day started off being productive. N had an early barber’s appointment, then we headed to Stratford so I could visit a Lakeland shop. Second stop made after that and we were out of Stratford within 30 minutes meaning free parking! Yay. It amazes me that a tourist town can offer free parking for effectively ‘locals’ just popping in, yet our town which is losing shops and shoppers left, right and centre, can’t even offer a small amount of parking free. 

My brother popped in during the afternoon. Let’s just say he talks as much as I do, so I lost a lot of time I’d planned to get things done and more work done on my new blog.  

This week’s photo is in the front garden. I love it when the flowers come out, although I can’t claim the credit. Everything out in the front of the farm is planted by my in laws.

primroses in morning sun with blurred out house behind

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  1. Well done on Wimbledon tickets, but such a shame that N won’t be able to go. Glad he hasn’t got covid and hope his knee if better soon. Eliza is really clumsy at the moment, probably as she is having a growth spurt

    1. I think it’s growth spurt things here too with the clumsiness. Weird with N given he grows pretty slowly. But maybe is all pre-puberty brain vs body stuff going on too.

  2. So sorry to hear about your dog, such a sad time. Love the photos of the flowers. Well done with the Wimbledon tickets, shame so much is going on during N’s residential week

  3. How frustrating that the visit day is in the middle of the residential week. Hope that it gets worked out somehow. Well done on getting the tickets for Wimbledon. I’m so sorry about your older labrador, losing a pet is so hard. Thinking of you all. Lovely seeing the flowers coming out in the garden – they’re so pretty. #project365

  4. Aww! That is rubbish news about your older Labrador. I am so sorry.
    The weather does look like it’s getting better so I hope that helps with N’s tennis lessons.
    That does seem a bit silly putting the year 6 day in the middle of the residential week. You’d think the schools would communicate.
    That’s great news about the Wimbledon tickets. I hope things work out and you get everything sorted.
    What beautiful flowers. You have a lovely garden x

    1. Unfortunately the residential is booked 2 years in advance, so there’s no way of knowing when the secondary dates are, plus all of them are different. If the residential dates had remained in June like normal, I suppose there’d have been no issues.

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