pink and lilac sunset

Project 52 2018 week 25 – lilac sunset

It’s been another hot week, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen rain – well, more than a short attempted drizzle. I guess that was half term when we were away, but even that wasn’t really proper rain that cleared the mugginess. I’m not looking forward to the heatwave next week that’s due.

This week was a busy one. Things to sort out at work and get progressed. N had lots going on at school. A performing arts show which his class performed in at another catchment primary school. It was a shame though because only 2 of the 7 schools due, turned up. N’s school won the competition which he was pleased about – and very sure that it was the right decision.

We’re starting to think about our camping trip with a delivery of an electric cool box from Millets for a campaign we’re helping with. It’s the first time I won’t have to borrow one from a work colleague. It turned up and is huge though – with an even bigger box which N has commandeered and turned into an ice cream van.

N had his sports day this week too. His year has too many boys to run only one race, so they do 2 races. N is always in the race with the 3 fastest boys so he knows he’ll always come 4-6th, but he still gives it a go. This year he got on the podium for the first time. He might have come 3rd, but all he can tell people is how he was nearly 1st. He was leading at one stage, but then the fastest boy in the year overtook him (that competitiveness that N doesn’t have), and he dropped his egg right near the end and couldn’t scoop it up so another overtook him. It didn’t matter to N. He was so pleased and I was really proud of him. He’s a lot better loser than I’m sure I ever was playing sports.

The last 2 weeks have seen lots of progress (probably more in the last year) with N’s tennis as well. I put it largely down to him having a new bigger racket that’s a bit heavier with a longer grip. But thinking about it, playing outside for 2 weeks with the proper red balls rather than foam ones might have helped. And him wanting to play each evening on the patio. We should really head down to the club courts but we don’t really have the time in the evenings after work to do that.

It’s also been a silaging week – so N and I wandered down the yard to watch the end of it before he went off on a tractor with his dad and then helped the men sheet up.

One of the nicest things about the week has been seeing the return of lovely sunsets. So far this summer they’ve been lacking but this week there’s been a couple. So hopefully now midsummer’s passed, we might start to see a few more.

pink and lilac sunset

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  1. That is an amazing sunset. Well done to N on his podium finish at sports day – love that he describes it as ‘nearly first’, that’s exactly what my eldest would have done! Well done to him on his tennis too.

  2. Silage week. In this heat the smell must be glorious. Lovely sunset there and what a wonderful story about N and his race. You don’t have to come first to build up a kids’ cOnfidence! #mysundayphoto

  3. Ahh! We have had some rain this week and it was welcomed….I am trying to ignore that we’re having a heat wave next week. I will hide indoors. hehehe
    Well done your boy with sports day! It sounds like he did great!
    That sunset is amazing! The colours are beautiful!

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