Get school shoes ready with Brantano

Get school shoes ready with Brantano - Bubbablue and me

I’m really hoping I’ve got everything ready for school now. Compared with last year when everything was new and needed buying, I’m fairly relaxed this time. I’ve got 1 new polo shirt and 1 new jumper to replace old scrappy ones from last year, and N’s got new school trousers and shorts sorted out. But for school shoes and trainers we were sent off to review Brantano. Brantano is generally somewhere I’ve gone for N’s trainers and wellies, but not… Continue Reading “Get school shoes ready with Brantano”

Mini Vanilla pyjamas for the holiday season with House of Fraser

don't take my photo - pj shot

Like many other children at Christmas, N always has new pyjamas on Christmas eve.  Usually they’re Christmassy ones, but this year I’d found some brilliant blue ones with soldiers on.  So when I was sent a gorgeous pair of Mini Vanilla pyjamas from House of Fraser for him, they were going to have to wait until after Christmas. Needless to say, thanks to N’s refusal to go for a pee as soon as he wakes up – I mean, who… Continue Reading “Mini Vanilla pyjamas for the holiday season with House of Fraser”

A cute penguin – onesie of the year

penguin onesie

I have to say I’m not really a onesie fan.  Well, definitely not on adults, and not for setting foot outside the house, or spending all day in. On young children, they can look sweet (and I’m talking younger primary age children here).  To me, just the thought of having to strip off to go to the toilet makes me shudder (and reminds me of a pink jumpsuit I used to have at 7 or 8 years old – total… Continue Reading “A cute penguin – onesie of the year”

Bonfire Night style for children with House of Fraser

hunter welly socks childrens

I love it when we change seasons, not so much for myself (as none of my clothes fit and I’m still trying to lose weight to fit into all the clothes in my wardrobe), but for N.  It’s great to see all the new clothes in the shops, and I’m going to be sad next year when he’s into school uniform and therefore doesn’t need as many clothes. I don’t buy that much online for him, but when I was… Continue Reading “Bonfire Night style for children with House of Fraser”