What If? jigsaw puzzle giveaway

what if number 19 puzzle

I’ve mentioned recently my love of jigsaw puzzles and I’ve just been introduced to a new range from Ravensburger, What If? This range was launched 5 years ago and asks puzzlers to question ‘What If?’ as they’re solving the puzzle. The puzzle picture isn’t on the box, so you need to use the visual and written clues to imagine what the completed puzzle will look like. Not a traditional puzzle, but one for puzzlers who enjoy more of a challenge… Continue Reading “What If? jigsaw puzzle giveaway”

Wasgij Fast Food Frenzy (and puzzle solution)

close up wasgij destiny 18 puzzle

My last attempt at a Wasgij puzzle wasn’t the most successful.  When there’s 2 in 1 box, make sure you unpack the mystery puzzle and not the bonus one that’s on the box. Oops.  I’ll have to reattempt that one.  But I was recently sent the Wasgij Destiny 18 – Fast Food Frenzy puzzle to review and it turns out that it’s a lot easy once you get into doing them (with admittedly a bit of a cheat check). Fast… Continue Reading “Wasgij Fast Food Frenzy (and puzzle solution)”

Ravensburger World Landmarks jigsaw puzzle

ravensburger world landmarks puzzle

I go through winter phases. One year I’ll be into crochet, then next books are the only thing I’ll do outside of blogging.  This year it’s all about jigsaw puzzles.  The latest one I’m doing is Ravensburger’s World Landmarks that I was sent to review. N gets a bit annoyed when I get a new puzzle because he always wants to join in, and when they’re a 1000 pieces, they’re just too overwhelming and he can’t see what needs putting… Continue Reading “Ravensburger World Landmarks jigsaw puzzle”

Wasgij puzzle – Christmas 2 in 1 Turkey’s Delight review

wasgij puzzle turkeys delight

I go through phases with jigsaw puzzles, and this autumn has seen me get back into them again.  It started with the lovely and relaxing Falcon de Luxe Christmas 2 in 1 puzzle, but has now moved onto a first for me. A Wasgij puzzle, the Christmas 2 in 1 jigsaw, named Turkey Delight. If you’ve never come across Wasgij before, they’re like a mystery in themselves.  The picture on the box isn’t what the jigsaw image ends up like. … Continue Reading “Wasgij puzzle – Christmas 2 in 1 Turkey’s Delight review”