Wasgij Destiny 11 The Office

Wasgij Destiny 11 – The Office solution

It’s not often I give up on a puzzle, but with this one I nearly did. I also needed to cheat and look up the solution to give me a clue at one point on the placement. I think it’s probably the hardest of the Wasgij puzzles I’ve done (even harder than Sands of Time).

Wasgij Destiny 11 The Office

During lockdown it’s been nigh on impossible to get hold of Wasgij puzzles. I did manage to get first dibs on a couple of old ones from Facebook marketplace. I’m definitely looking forward to getting rid of my stash and finding some more in stock once lockdown starts easing.

Wasgij Destiny 11 is one of the range where you’re given the box image and have to make the solution which shows the future of the puzzle. In this case, it’s not a massive jump in era, to me it feels more like a Mystery range, i.e what happens next rather than a picture of the future. It might be that the range has changed a bit over the years.

The puzzle is a comedy image of office antics, with lots of fun characters. Like all Wasgij puzzles, there’s something different to look at in every part of the jigsaw.

I’m glad I stuck at the puzzle because it was worth it in the end, but it was a slog. I think, having had a few weeks break from doing Wasgij puzzles, you get out of practice. Your brain almost needs to readjust back to doing them again.

Check out my step by step guide on How to solve a Wasgij puzzle.

Scroll down for The Office solution below.

Wasgij The Office

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To buy new Wasgij, Amazon is usually a place to buy. For older puzzles like this one, try second hand websites or charity shops once they’re open again.

Which Wasgij are your favourites or which was your first?

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