Children at weddings – should they be invited

kids at weddings - bubbablue and me

Children at weddings.  It’s a topic that often crops up on parenting forums and in the media.  But I don’t think I’ve ever read an article that’s riled me as much as this one ‘All weddings should be kid friendly’. Of course everyone has their own opinions.  But that doesn’t mean they should judge people who have the opposite view to them.  Children at weddings debates probably reach the extreme views in the same way that breastfeeding vs bottle fed… Continue Reading “Children at weddings – should they be invited”

Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy

The friendship rules of a 6 year old - Bubbablue and me

Boys are a law unto themselves.  N definitely knows his own mind and he’s gone through life so far, being easy going. So easy going about everything including friends. I find watching him develop and his friendships change really interesting. I so should have been an anthropologist watching people!  He’s always got on well with people.  Probably because he’s pretty even tempered, adapts pretty well and is usually happy to be led. I despaired in the past, because I worried… Continue Reading “Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy”

From hoodies to crew necks – jumper fussiness

When kids go rogue about clothing choices and become fussy about jumpers - Bubbablue and me

I always said that N was easy with clothes.  He’s never wanted to choose his own clothes when we’re out shopping.  Usually I just buy things I like and I think he’ll wear, and usually there’s no moaning about the clothes I put out for him. Unfortunately this winter N has turned fussy, in particular about jumpers. Previously he lived in zip up hoodies. They were his favourites, and quite often he would get those out of the drawer if… Continue Reading “From hoodies to crew necks – jumper fussiness”

The benefits of children – usefulness at home

hairdressing and head rub - Bubbablue and me

I never thought I’d have children when I was younger. I changed my mind over wanting them but I’m still not a baby person. And to be honest, some children are cute, funny or great for conversation, but most I can take them or leave them.  I can understand children more and talk to them, but would still rather have them once they’re communicating well (and are potty trained). Other than the fact he’s my child and obviously I love… Continue Reading “The benefits of children – usefulness at home”

Why you should tell off other people’s children

's kids - Bubbablue and me

People seem to feel very strongly one way or the other about telling off other people’s children.  From what I’ve seen, it’s often from parents who’re incensed that someone has told off their child in front of them, or that they’ve wanted to tell off another child, but haven’t felt they could. Overall, it appears there’s an unwritten rule (outside of childcare or school settings) that no-one is allowed to tell off another person’s child. I don’t agree with this.… Continue Reading “Why you should tell off other people’s children”

Exploring with Little Life rucksacks

When N was younger, I always used to hear people raving about the Little Life toddler backpacks/reins – the sweet little animal packs on their backs as they’re stopped from running off.  We stuck with standard retro reins bought for 50p from a nearly new sale.  Until Little Life contacted me recently to review an item, I hadn’t realised that they were about more than just these toddler packs. Looking at their website I was surprised. As well as toddler… Continue Reading “Exploring with Little Life rucksacks”

Is there decreasing etiquette of rsvps to children’s birthday party invitations

declining etiquette of rsvps to children's birthday party invitations

Are people really that rude that they think it’s fine to not reply to children’s birthday party invitations?  Or that they don’t respond but then turn up anyway….possibly with extra siblings in tow who weren’t invited? We’re in the planning stages for N’s joint birthday party.  But invitations (in general not just children’s birthday parties) and the lack of etiquette around them is a real bugbear of mine. My first experience of inconsiderate replying to invitations was my wedding. Admittedly… Continue Reading “Is there decreasing etiquette of rsvps to children’s birthday party invitations”