greater spotted woodpecker on garden fence

Project 52 2021 week 4 – woodpecker

Week 4 of Project 52, and nothing much has changed. Lots of rows with the EU about vaccines, 2 more vaccines that may get approved shortly, and schools may have staggered return from the 8th March. I’m not holding my breath – it’s unlikely N’s year would be an early year group back in, and I think it’s more likely to be post Easter. But we’ll see.

This week’s been more home school and working from home. It’s been a tough week work wise with a lot of webinar time but we’re the other side of it now, so hopefully things might be a bit quieter. Unlikely though.

Onto our week 4 round up.

On Sunday we had quite a bit of snow. I had to take N out sledging so we took the dog out to experience the joy of snow. It’s not often I like snow, but lockdown is the best time to have it, because we don’t need to go anywhere. N had a great time out – we’re lucky we can just walk up our hills. and I got to take lots of photos. I also made some chocolate orange thumbprint cookies – recipe’s going live tomorrow.

Monday was work and school. We broke into the Christmas biscuits. I went out to take some nice blue sky lensball photos of the snow before it melted, and N had snow science experiments to do for school. In the afternoon, N took himself off up the hill again with the dog to get some final sledging in.

On Tuesday we didn’t do much. It was just working and school work. I got a puzzle delivery of 3 new releases. They’re so hard to come by – there were 2 more I really wanted, but it was ridiculous buying more when I’ve already got a pile. They’re already out of stock, so I’ll have to watch out for them second hand.

Wednesday was the first day of my project’s virtual work conference. My support officer did a great job of organising it, and it went smoothly. N decided he was cooking tea again. Anyone else getting sick of thinking of meals to cook? We had bacon, eggs and chips. Not healthy but easy and pretty fast to do. I did a bit of crafting in the evening.

On Thursday, it was the second day of my conference. We had a bit of an issue as our internet dropped out for nearly 2 hours in the morning. Luckily I could access the conference on my work phone (lucky I wasn’t the one presenting), and N had already printed out his work for the day. His teacher rang to confirm what they were doing when and what he could do offline to keep up. So he only missed the SPAG dictated work. It turned out the electricity board had gone and turned a switch off they shouldn’t have done. So luckily a minor fix that didn’t take too long to sort out.

On Friday I managed to finally get a decent photo of the woodpecker that’s been turning up in the garden. N’s new headphones arrived. Hopefully it means he’ll be able to hear me less when I’m talking without turning the volume up. I really hate having to wear headphones – the ones in my ears make me feel like I’m still wearing them later on, until it’s been about an hour after taking them out. So I really don’t like N wearing them, but when we’re both online with the teacher talking and me in a meeting, we’ve got no choice because he has to be in a communal area with a parent nearby for safeguarding.

Saturday was a really lazy day – I got up late as the last 2 days I’ve woken before 5am and heard the OH’s alarm go off. Then N woke me earlier to ask me to fix his youtube issue – I can’t, as it’s just diverted to kids with nothing else having changed. So very frustrating as it means he’s stuck watching it on the tv rather than being able to watch online as normal. It’s all down to having his age on the laptop Microsoft and google as an under 13, but I don’t want to change it to 13 just for him to be able to watch normal youtube. But it might come down to that. We had rain first thing after having been forecast snow, but that came later. Enough to coat the grass, but it was too wet to last. No sledging as N had hoped. Then it’s been a jigsaw, prepping tea, chores and reading kind of day.

greater spotted woodpecker on garden fence

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  1. Chocolate orange thumbprint cookies sound fabulous I will have to look out for the recipe. So glad you enjoyed the time in the snow. I always enjoy bacon, eggs and chips too. What a lovely photo of the woodpecker. I am a bit fed up of homeschooling, but the countdown to half term is on. We can all have a proper break.

  2. I didn’t know we could divert to youtube under 13 and keep! looks like you had fun with the snow – I never got to experience it ever!

  3. Lovely photo of the kingfisher, a great capture. Lovely n is wanting to cook dinner for everyone. how on earth do you still have Christmas biscuits left? I’ve already started on Easter chocolates lol. Both Peter and I have noise reduction headphones that go over the ears, I have ear piercings that prevent me using ear buds

  4. Wow, what a busy week. I’m not holding out much hope for the 8th or March. Ethan is desperate to return to school for some routine. I just followed you on insta I didn’t know I wasn’t. You captured some lovely moments in the snow. We still haven’t had any snow. The kids have both the YouTube and YouTube Kids app. Some videos Ethan likes aren’t on the kids it was easier to give him both #WotW

    1. Thankfully we’ve now downloaded chrome so he can get in via google login rather than via his microsoft one which has all the family securty features and stops him getting on

  5. I loved the look of your snow in Instagram and the lensball photos. That woodpecker is really good, we have a green one that has started coming to the garden but I am not quick enough. Lucky the internet was not a significant issue and easy to fit I am not sure we would be able to cope if we lost it here!

  6. Fab shot of a woodpecker! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the wild. I also don’t like wearing earphones, they give me a headache every single time. Sorry to hear you had Internet issues, it is so frustrating.
    Glad you went sledging in the snow, it sounds like great fun!

  7. Snow is always better if you don’t have to go anywhere in it! Glad N enjoyed the snow and how lovely to have him cook tea. I get tired of deciding what to cook at times too. How frustrating having the internet drop out. Glad it was sorted out fairly quickly. Love the photo of the woodpecker. #project365

  8. It is a good time to have snow – I hate driving in it. Love the woodpecker picture – never seen one out in the open like that (usually see them up a tree).

  9. My kids really want to go sledging but I don’t think we will be getting enough snow anytime soon. That woodpecker photo is stunning, well done for capturing it

  10. It sounds like a busy week for you working but I am glad things are set to quieten down.
    It sounds like you had great time out in the snow. We didn’t have any, just frost. Hmmf.
    What a nightmare with the internet going off. We’ve had a couple of power cuts over the last couple of weeks but the school seems to be on the same grid as us so if we’re off, they are too so my youngest doesn’t miss out on any work. hehehe
    Well done with the photo of the woodpecker. x

    1. That’s handy on the internet grid. Our school had issues too but BT are taking their time to fix it properly. Last checking on Monday so hopefully we’ll get the work before they cut out. Luckily we have the back up of maths work and what their basic writing work will be, so have that offline if needed.

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