snowy field

Project 52 2020 Week 9 – snowy morning

Half term was over and it’s been back to work. We’re not far off spring now, and the evenings are pleasingly getting lighter. Although it’s been windy and stormy still, as well as cold. It will be nice to see the back of rain and storms. Here’s our week 9 for Project 52.

Sunday we were still up with my best friend at her parents’ house. We’d headed to a nearby church in the hope of seeing their snowdrops but they were all way too past it. There were cakes and refreshments in the church, and despite a nice sausage roll snack, N wasn’t impressed. Unfortunately when you’ve got 3 different age children, one who’s still a toddler, and if there’s nothing else on in the area, he had to live with it. We went back and had some lunch before heading off home in the afternoon. We had a good run back so were back just before 5pm, even having stopped for some food.

Monday was back to school and work. They’ve started a different company coming to school to do after school club, but unfortunately I’d already paid up til Easter for N’s multisports club. It turned out there was only 1 older child who went to tennis, the few others were reception. So I’m not sure for the money, it would have been worth it. It would have been good for N to work with that coach, but unless I can be sure he gets enough hitting in, I’d rather continue paying for multisports, even with their random sports they do.

On Tuesday it was pancake day. N had his school pancake race they do each year, and we had pancakes when we got home again. I had my keto coconut pancakes, they had normal ones.

Wednesday was quiet at work like the rest of the week. It was really chilly, although the rain had stopped in plenty of time for N’s tennis lesson after school. The session always seems to whizz by as it’s only 40 minutes compared with his group lessons which are 1 1/2 hours.

On Thursday the snow arrived overnight. It snowed right up to me driving into town for work. We probably had a couple of centimetres on the car, although it didn’t take long to melt. That’s my kind of snow. Pretty to look at, but fine to drive in and gone with no ice and slush.

Friday was a normal day. Only had one of N’s friends to take to tennis as the other one had been off school ill. N thinks he’s got tonsillitis, but it’s probably just the cold I’ve got too. The tennis coach mentioned he was quiet so he obviously wasn’t feeling on top form, although he still won at ‘King of the Court’ game. We had pizza for tea – they had shop bought and I made a keto fathead dough pizza which was actually really nice (basically a base made using mozzarella and cream cheese. Sounds bizarre, ended up a good replacement).

On Saturday it was another wet day. N was struggling with his sore throat, so we agreed no swimming today. This term has been a waste of money, because he had 3 shoot days, this week off due to illness, and then next week has a party to go to. He’ll only have been to 5 out of 10 or 11 weeks and the last one is always a fun swim. Sigh. We nipped into town to get some bits of food we needed, a replacement activity tracker for him as his band was splitting yet again and he’s growing out of it so no point asking them to send another.

Then tried to get him some new shoes as his school ones are getting a . Our town only has one shoe shop left that actually measures feet, and we don’t go to Clarks because they don’t measure accurately, and try and sell us shoes we can see don’t fit. We tried Shoezone to see if they had any Kickers that were his size but they only had very small or very large. So out to another small local town in Warwickshire that sells Startrite. We usually go to Stow on the Wold for the children’s shoe shop there, but we were going to be too late to get a parking space round there. His feet haven’t changed size (after 2.5 years of being the same size but luckily they had a nice pair of lace ups that fit him nicely. We don’t like trainer style school shoes so we were lucky they had some proper school shoes available in his size.

This week’s Project 52 photos was taken on the snowy morning.

snowy field

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  1. I hope N is feeling better now. I hated school shoe shopping, glad you eventually found him a pair you both liked and fitted properly. You had way more snow than we did, just a sprinkling over the hills

  2. It must be tough raising differently aged children. Aren’t there coaches at the multisports club? Whatever you think is best for him. That kind of snow is perfect, although can’t relate as it doesn’t snow where I live. I hope N gets better.

  3. I was so glad the snow didn’t hang around long too. I can only dream of the day my son’s feet don’t grow. I don’t think we’ve ever bought the same size shoe at the next fitting. Hope these last for him #366

  4. that looks like more snow than we have had.
    Hate it when you pay blocks up front and then it seems a waste but if you dont pay for the block they lose their space so no choice really.
    We lack terribly in shoe shops as well.

  5. It’s got harder here to find shoe shops that measure too. The local high street one closed and then so did the one a bit further away that I’d planned to use instead. We had a phase where H’s feet didn’t change for ages, but he’s growing again at quite a pace now. Hope N feels better soon.

    1. I think N will probably sprout this year – his feet have always been slow growing, and he’s not grown more than 1cm the last year either. He’s on antibiotics for tonsillitis now so hopefully won’t take him long to get back to normal

  6. The evenings are certainly getting lighter. We have had a fair amount of snow too. I’m a bit fed up of it now. There are many challenges of three children, it’s not easy xx

  7. Aww the snowy scene is so beautiful – we haven’t had a single flake down my way ! Lots of rushing around this week, by the sounds of it – glad you managed to get the shoes ok 🙂

  8. That is a lovely snowy photo. We didn’t have any snow at all. I had to laugh at the challenges of three children of different ages – you’ve just summed up the last 14 years of my life! I hope N is feeling better now.

  9. I have noticed the evenings getting lighter and I think it’s brilliant. I hate the dark nights.
    It sounds like you had lots of snow. We had hardly anything!
    What a beautiful snowy scene x

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