I-Spy books – the activity book relaunch

i-spy books

When I was a child I had an i-spy book of horses. I loved that little book, having been bought it at Banbury Museum just after moving to the area. I didn’t really manage to tick off many of the horses, but I loved it all the same. So when I heard that I-Spy books were being relaunched this summer, it made me smile. I jumped at the chance to take a look and try the modern versions out ourselves.… Continue Reading “I-Spy books – the activity book relaunch”

Hello Nature, hello grow, make, colour and draw book

Hello Nature book review

I’ve always said I’m not that creative although as I’ve got older it’s brought a realisation that creativity isn’t always about art and drawing, as it always seems to mean when you’re a child.  I’ve never been comfortable drawing doing art, although I’ll happily doodle a few shapes and patterns when I’m in meetings and a little bored. N on the other hand is a little boy who loves to write, draw and colour.  This love’s only come in the… Continue Reading “Hello Nature, hello grow, make, colour and draw book”

Discovering spaces and planes with Shine-a-light books – giveaway

shine-a-light books

We’ve not done any book reviews for a while.  We’re still both reading – I completed my 2015 52 book challenge back in October, and N’s still loving his books.  Now phonics teaching has started, I’m expecting him to be reading simple words after, if not by Christmas.  Exciting times. Recently we were sent a couple of new books from the shine-a-light books range.  I’ve not come across these before, but they’re definitely a new and unique concept. In the… Continue Reading “Discovering spaces and planes with Shine-a-light books – giveaway”

Baking with Bake to Black recipe book

Bake in Black recipe book

I love cake.  It’s one of my downfalls, with chocolate, pastries, biscuits…oh just food in general. But cake is something that the whole of our house like.  Unlike other foods which the OH will faff over and not eat if I buy them, cake will pretty much always get eaten (unless it’s ‘too dry’.  He’s fussy, just warm it up and eat it with cream, custard or ice cream to soften it!). As I’ve written many times before, we’re also… Continue Reading “Baking with Bake to Black recipe book”

Back to books – February update

books round up february 2015

It’s taken me a while to get round to publishing my February books round up.  I only read 4 books after a busy January, but am still on track for my 52 book challenge this year.  I’ve got a few days off next week so I’m sure I’ll be catching up on my reading then. Especially if I’m short on wifi access. Here’s last month’s books round up. Road to Rouen – Ben Hatch I loved Ben’s first book Are… Continue Reading “Back to books – February update”

Learn to fasten with Zip It by Patricia Hegarty

Zip It book

I was looking forward to receiving this Zip It hardback book from Little Tiger Press, written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Fhiona Galloway.  While it looks like a book for younger children, it’s aimed at 3-6 year olds, with the main purpose of letting them practise undoing and doing up fastenings.  N really needs some help with those, because he doesn’t really make the effort to try (apart from being able to pull a zip up and down). Zip… Continue Reading “Learn to fasten with Zip It by Patricia Hegarty”

The ideal book for a farmer’s son? Good little bad little pig

good little bad little Pig

Our latest Book Buddy read from Parragon Books is Good little bad little Pig by Margaret Wise Brown, and illustrated by Loretta Schauer.  I thought this book would appeal to N given the subject matter. The story is about a little boy who wants a piglet as a pet.  His parents bring up all the barriers to having one, but he writes to a farmer that he wants a good little bad little pig.  And a piglet duly arrives.  We… Continue Reading “The ideal book for a farmer’s son? Good little bad little pig”

Back to books – January 2015 round up

Book round up January 2015

After a really poor year in 2014, where I only read about 16 books all year – from March to September I didn’t read any at all – I signed up again for the Good Reads challenge.  My aim is to read 52 books so hopefully this year I’ll manage it. January started really well, helped by the impetus of post Christmas and having time off work.  Now my reading’s slowed down thanks to starting crochet back up, and trying… Continue Reading “Back to books – January 2015 round up”

Badger and the Great Storm – picture book review

badger and the great storm book review

As he’s grown a bit older, N’s been much more open to new books.  Anything with animals in seems to go down a treat, and when we received Badger and the Great Storm for review, it was immediately picked up for a bedtime story. This picture book by Suzanne Chiew is lovely, with the main message behind it about how friends help each other.  The illustrations by Caroline Pedler are lovely, and for us reading at bedtime in a relatively… Continue Reading “Badger and the Great Storm – picture book review”

The Election – picture book for preschoolers

the election picture book

I wasn’t entirely sure about a picture book about The Election when I spotted the opportunity to review this book. I always think it’s a lot more interesting to have a fun book that’s a bit fantastical, but N does seem to relate well to factual books. The Fisherton Press book is written by Eleanor Levenson, and illustrated by Marek Jagucki. It doesn’t feel as glossy in texture compared to many picture books we’re used to reading, but that doesn’t worry N.… Continue Reading “The Election – picture book for preschoolers”