6 year old – all about hugs and kisses, love and hearts

Caring kids and all about hugs and kisses - Bubbablue and me

I loved N at 5 years old, but at 6 he’s coming into his own and really is a loving little boy.  My brother was the same as a boy, really loving and caring with our mum, whereas I always held myself at a bit of a distance, hating hugs and kisses. But N is one of those caring boys.  His generosity with hugs and kisses probably goes further than it should.  Definitely at school with teachers and TAs, with… Continue Reading “6 year old – all about hugs and kisses, love and hearts”

Growing up on a farm and Autumn work

nosy sheep

Growing up on a farm can be a wonderful life.  There’s so much to experience, lots of people coming and going and of course great views and lots of outdoor life.  Especially in the summer, N is able to get outdoors after nursery and play in the garden without any effort from me, in the winter when it’s much gloomier it takes a lot more effort. At my 6th form there were a few students in my year who were from… Continue Reading “Growing up on a farm and Autumn work”

Reminiscing about childhood memories and toys

childhood memories and toys

Clearing and decluttering really does take a long time to do.  Even worse is when you need to clear out your own house, but you’re spending your free time clearing out someone else’s.  In this case, our mum’s house.  We’ve still not managed to sell the house – so much for a housing boom, damn the harder mortgage checks coming in as I’m wondering if that’s made a difference as we’re now not even getting viewings.  But with car boot… Continue Reading “Reminiscing about childhood memories and toys”

Childhood influence – forever friends?

cousins playing

As a baby grows into a toddler and onwards, childhood influence is an interesting one to watch.  I’m sure there are plenty of parents with older children that area despairing or pleased at their childrens’ influencers but at the moment with N, it’s just really interesting to watch his friendships develop and evolve. N’s now enjoys playing with other children, rather than just playing alongside.  Ever since he could talk, he was always talking about one boy L at nursery… Continue Reading “Childhood influence – forever friends?”