School days – class dog and giraffes

Monty the class dog

This week was the first full week back at school.  N took it all in his stride. He doesn’t seem (at home at least), to really have ups and downs at the start or end of terms. He just gets on with it, and we would rarely know any different.  Onto this week’s School Days. Handwriting N’s handwriting is still hit and miss. Sometimes it’s really neat, others it’s wild ,and sometimes he writes it so small noone is going… Continue Reading “School days – class dog and giraffes”

Top reading tips to encourage children to read

tips on encouraging kids to read (2 boys reading) - Bubbablue and me

Reading ability is such a key skill for children to enable them to progress well at school, it’s no wonder many parents worry about how their children are doing.  I previously shared a comparison of the different reading levels and schemes.  But if your child doesn’t want to read (home or school books, or anything), it can be worrying.  There are things you can do to help encourage their reading. In our house we’ve gone through ups and downs with… Continue Reading “Top reading tips to encourage children to read”

What makes a happy day for a working school mum

happy times for working school mums - Bubbablue and me

Making the move from mum to school mum (or dad to school dad if you’re the one doing the bulk of the school organisation/admin load) can be a big step. I find there’s big satisfaction when it goes to plan and N gets to school on time, with everything he needs, and nothing is missing by the time he’s home again. But add in being a working mum to the mix as well, and the logistics can get even more… Continue Reading “What makes a happy day for a working school mum”

School Days – snow day and nativity

Living Arrows 2017 week 51 - child in nativity

We’re really into the run down to Christmas now, with only 2 (party) days to go.  This week just gone did have some disruptions to the planning thanks to the heavy snow we had. Here’s this week’s School Days. Snow day For the first time since N’s been at school there was a school closure thanks to snow.  The school were planning to open until Sunday evening when it was heard on the village e-news that a tree was down… Continue Reading “School Days – snow day and nativity”

School days – Christmas run up and maths tests

getting ready for school

The excitement of Christmas is at school at the moment. They’ve started their ‘# sleeps til Christmas’ countdown which N loves, and there’s been lots of Christmassy things going on, not just the nativity play rehearsals.  The nativity is due on Tuesday, but given the snow we’ve had all of Sunday, I’m expecting school to be closed tomorrow – and unless there’s a thaw and rain to get rid of the snow, the nativity play and school might struggle on… Continue Reading “School days – Christmas run up and maths tests”

School days – nativity props and carol service

concentrationat play

It’s been another quiet week for School Days.  N’s school rotate round sports coaches coming in, forest school, and music or dance activities, and this week was a changeover week. Carol Service This week was the Christmas carol service. For the first time I had to miss most of it because my car had gone to have a check and it wasn’t back in time. I usually manage school events by either using my flexi time if they’re early in… Continue Reading “School days – nativity props and carol service”

School days – teachers’ gifts and VIP

clay hedgehog

It’s been another quiet school week this time.  N was pleased to get his Star of the week certificate from last week.  But there weren’t any trips or sports events this week.  It seemed to be full of lots of nativity performance practice. VIP It’s another week, and N was pleased to get VIP again. This time it was for English. I’m not sure what, but N seems to be picking up on his literacy side of things.  I think… Continue Reading “School days – teachers’ gifts and VIP”

How to help kids get the most out of handwriting practice

handwriting practice - Bubbablue and me

*Sponsored post With a school age child, everything education is important to me. I loved school and found it fairly easy, so I want N to love it too. He’s a fan of any subject that’s black or white, logical and straightforward. So maths, science and grammar, rather than the more creative subjects like English – story writing. On the literacy side, the one lesson he really enjoys at school is handwriting practice. Learning handwriting has certainly changed since I… Continue Reading “How to help kids get the most out of handwriting practice”

School days – star of the week and anti-bullying

Getting ready for school

Another school week gone by. We were at the school gate, amazed that we’re already so far past half term. But it’s been another week of nativity rehearsals and learning, which included Children in Need day. Star of the week N announced he was awarded star of the week this time. No certificate has appeared (he thinks it’s in his drawer) so he can’t remember what he awarded it for. Multiskills event N had a day off ill on Monday.… Continue Reading “School days – star of the week and anti-bullying”

Black country living museum – exploring historic real life

Visiting Black Country Living Museum - Bubbablue and me

Since having N, I’ve revisited so many of the places we went to as children. My mums used to take us all over the UK visiting different attractions and counties, and I’ve wanted to continue that with N. Not only does it get him away from the farm, learning that there are other options out there. But also for educational reasons. Visiting a historic location will bring history to life much better than reading about it in school.  The Black… Continue Reading “Black country living museum – exploring historic real life”