Summer fun bucket list for kids and families

Summer of fun family bucket list - Bubbablue and me

Summer holidays are a bit of a mish mash for us, what with work and harvest.  The OH never informs me in advance of his plans so knowing when he can have N with him at work and when I need to sort out holiday club is always a mystery.  I think this year I may have 3 weeks of holidays off work, and potentially a couple of days of flexi-leave if I can manage the days I’m working well. … Continue Reading “Summer fun bucket list for kids and families”

It’s too damn hot – day out at Feast Waddesdon Manor

Feast at Waddesdon Manor - Bubbablue and me

I really don’t deal with heat well.  It’s obviously a family thing because our mum hated the hot weather (despite or maybe because of living in various hot countries as a child) and my brother despite tanning really easily, isn’t a fan either.  It just makes me want to sit in a cold room somewhere and not do anything.  But for the second year, Waddesdon Manor’s Feast has fallen on a super hot weekend.  When I buy tickets in advance… Continue Reading “It’s too damn hot – day out at Feast Waddesdon Manor”

Summer breeze – the best of summer

What makes summer great, the best of summer - Bubbablue and me

We’re nearly into official summer season but with the weather in the UK last week, it’s felt like we’ve had a bit of summer already. Summer isn’t my favourite season, it’s hot and sweaty, too many layers need to come off, it’s hard to sleep when it’s too hot, and you don’t want to be in work when outside looks like beautiful weather.  But there are some good points, and following on from my Autumn, Winter and Spring posts, I’ll… Continue Reading “Summer breeze – the best of summer”

Paddling pool and scooter fun in Stratford-upon-Avon

scooting and paddling pool fun in Stratford upon avon

Despite us only having weekends to really do many activities, I feel like we managed to cram in a lot over the holidays.  Sometimes free is best, and perfectly suitable for young children. N loves going to the park, and with no splash parks or good parks in town, we quite often head to Stratford-upon-Avon for an early morning play and relax.  We usually pop N’s bike or scooter in the boot too, so there’s plenty we can do at… Continue Reading “Paddling pool and scooter fun in Stratford-upon-Avon”

How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution

How camping is the perfect family outdoor fun solution - Bubbablue and me

Apart from being ill at the 2 guide camps I went to as a child, I’ve always been keen on camping. But my camping experiences have never been with family. It’s either been with the guides, with Woodcraft folk (where we got flooded out in Barmouth), or with friends after uni (including a very cold February in Snowdonia – never again). Oh I suppose camping out every summer in the back garden with my brother counts as family camping? After… Continue Reading “How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution”

Get BBQ ready with 11 great chicken barbecue recipes

Jack daniel's tennessee honey barbecue glaze chicken

I’m a big chicken fan (the men of the house less so, and it has to be chicken breast), not only because it’s pretty healthy but also because it’s so versatile, and quick to cook.  It’s now approaching barbecue season and with the rumours of this summer in the UK being a hot one, it’s time to start thinking about barbecue foods and recipes. Last year I reviewed a gas barbecue – you could say it was an alternative review,… Continue Reading “Get BBQ ready with 11 great chicken barbecue recipes”

Friends, photos and fun at Brailes Country Show

onions in the produce show

This was the third year we’ve been to Brailes Country Show.  For a village, it’s an almighty show, although this year didn’t seem to have as much as usual.  Mind you, we were parked in the overflow field for the first time so it was as successful if not more than previous years. Again, it was beautiful weather, so I did come back slightly pink on my forehead. I must get myself a hat sometime soon. We went with my… Continue Reading “Friends, photos and fun at Brailes Country Show”

Green People children’s sun lotion for summer

Green people sun lotion

We’ve just come back from a (mostly) warm and sunny week camping in Weymouth.  I seemed to have packed about 4 different sun creams or sprays in our luggage to cater for both myself and N, but one that we both like using is from Green People. I’ve tended to use the Green People sun lotion in the past for N because I found it didn’t irritate his skin like other sun creams.  We’ve recently been sent the new children’s… Continue Reading “Green People children’s sun lotion for summer”

A summer of barbecues – plan vs reality

True shopping gas bbq

It seems that having a barbecue in our house is a lot harder than I’d ever anticipated when I said I’d review one from True Shopping. We love barbecued food (what’s not to love about meat, meat and more meat according to my OH), and holding one is such a social occasion, it makes me wonder why we don’t have them more often.  Especially when we owe so many people invites back to ours after being at other people’s BBQs.  2015 was… Continue Reading “A summer of barbecues – plan vs reality”