Trendy Thursday – moving on up in t shirts

I’m astounded today for Trendy Thursday.  As always I’ve been stocking up in sales and buying the next size up in readiness for next year.

Although N has been growing heightwise recently, he’s still (according to standard sizes) an age 3-4 in clothes, or a 4.  So I’ve been buying age 4-5 or 5-6 depending on what’s available and whether the clothes are winter or summer based.

I’ve bought a couple of bits from Mini club at Boots, and some Frugi items, but as I was sorting N’s wardrobe and clearing out old t shirts that are too small, I rechecked the new larger items I’d bought.  I noticed that the stripy miniclub t shirt is rather narrow even though it’s an age 5-6.


Cue bringing it to the ‘wear now’ section of the wardrobe.  It’s a lovely t shirt – quite thick and very soft jersey, and having a digger on it means no arguments over wearing it in the morning.


We added denim shorts, and his trusty sandals in readiness for nursery.

  • T shirt – mini club at Boots
  • Shorts – Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Sandals – Pediped

Do you ever buy larger clothes and forget about them? Or do you buy for the current season only?

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  1. Loving the t-shirt – very smart! We used to buy from Mini Club quite a lot, but I haven’t so much lately. Perhaps since T got a bit bigger, but your post might make me take another look see what’s available in the bigger sizes!

    1. Not sure they go past age 5-6. I always struggle to find anything over age 2! We also had some swim shorts from Boots, in an age 3-4 which is what all N’s shorts are, and they’re way too tight for him to be comfortable in, and have a short crotch. So funny sizing. Waste of money as he’s only worn them twice, but unlikely to wear them much – will have to sell them on

  2. Cute tee – Mini Club have some really nice bits actually. I often forget them.

    I’ve always bought ahead although it’s slowed down a bit lately because I’d got to age 7/8.. and Ethan isn’t growing out of clothes so quickly. Also, I rather stupidly didn’t account for the fact that once he started school full time with a uniform that he wouldn’t need as much!! x

    1. I only buy Mini Club stuff in the sale too. Although now N’s in the largest size they do I think.

      I must remember next year not to go mad buying ahead. Similar to Ethan, N doesn’t grow as fast, so yes bearing in mind he’ll be at school a year in September, so won’t need as many clothes in the next size up.

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