A first time target shooting – tin can fun

First time learning to target shoot on the farm. A way to show trust, and let him learn about discipline, safety and correct use of a gun.

I’m not a fan of guns, I don’t have an urge to shoot them, but I appreciate that in the countryside they can be invaluable for pest control. Having said that, I have tried shooting a couple of times.  Once when I was a girl guide, I went to a big jamboree when I was about 12, and part of the team games included either archery or shooting.  I didn’t get to try out archery, but I did get to… Continue Reading “A first time target shooting – tin can fun”

Questions you always wanted to ask a farmer about cows

Ask a Farmer- Q&As about cows Bubbablue and me

I’d like to say that as a farmer’s wife I know lots about what goes on the farm.  I know some, but I can see N’s knowledge overtaking mine soon. When I first met the OH, and then later when we got married I used to ask all the stupid questions that had probably been going round my mind since I was a little girl.  So if you’ve got some seemingly stupid cow questions (and yes, he did make me… Continue Reading “Questions you always wanted to ask a farmer about cows”

A snowy walk round the farm

a snowy walk on the farm - Bubbbalue and me

Whenever the weather is playing ball, I frequently gaze out and hope I can get out to take some photos. It doesn’t always work out that way – usually we have other plans.  But the other week we had snowing falling on the weekend, so it was the prime opportunity to go for a snowy photography walk. N was really excited that it had snowed, and we got all dressed up in outdoor gear.  Then we opened the front door… Continue Reading “A snowy walk round the farm”

Farm animal ownership at the age of four

cows on the farm

Being a farmer’s son it would take a lot to put off a child from being a farmer.   Dad worship, uncle worship and just living on the farm and seeing what’s going on is obviously a big draw for young children. I wish N was more like his youngest cousin who likes the farm, but doesn’t spend every spare hour on it.  Unfortunately he’s more like cousin number 3 who’s on the farm at any opportunity when he’s not in… Continue Reading “Farm animal ownership at the age of four”

The little dog whisperer

the little dog whisperer - Bubbablue and me

N loves dogs. In fact he loves the animals on the farm in general, wanting to help out, going to speak to the cows at the fence, looking at the piglets.  It always amuses me that if I take him to a farm park though, he won’t join in with feeding the animals at all. There’s always dogs on the farm and most are for working purposes.  My father in law has a pretty ancient black labrador who ventures out… Continue Reading “The little dog whisperer”

Pocket money or wages for a four year old

carrying the milk bucket to feed the calf

N isn’t old enough yet to get proper pocket money. It’s obviously different for every child, but we’ll probably do similar to what my mum did and agree that he can get pocket money on the assumption that he’s kept his room tidy (it’s not looking optimistic for the future at the moment!) and he helps out around the house doing the usual things like putting his stuff in the dishwasher and helping put clothes away etc.  Anything essential he… Continue Reading “Pocket money or wages for a four year old”

Living Arrows 2015 week 34 – bubble gun

Bubble gun and looking through the fence - Living Arrows

Like many children, N loves playing with water.  It can be in a bowl, in the bath or shower, in the pool, or simply a water pistol. I bought him a bubble gun recently because he’s pretty rubbish at blowing bubbles – still.  But the bubble gun was a failure.  It dribbled, it half blew a bubble, but really it was pants.  What a waste of 2 batteries. But that didn’t matter, N still liked waving it around, and he’s… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 34 – bubble gun”

Living Arrows 2015 week 31 – tractor fun

Tractor rides on the farm - Living Arrows

N does love a tractor, unsurprisingly.  Real or toy, he loves to get involved. This week’s Living Arrows photo is taken from this weekend, where he’s been cutting the grass with his scissors, and collecting up the windfall cooking apples in his trailer. Thankfully he also listened to my advice that wellies were really too warm to wear, and not suitable to wear without socks.  So the camping crocs were brought out to wear.  I’m not a fan of crocs,… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 31 – tractor fun”