cow parsley on road verges in May

Project 52 2020 week 20 – cow parsley

This week’s been a hard one. Work has been very quiet so it’s been really hard to get motivated. And N has tonsillitis again, only 2-3 weeks after the last bout.

We’re down week 8 of lockdown, and there’s been a slight easing of rules. Schools (of certain year groups) are due to potentially go back on 1st June. We can see one person outside socially distancing.

Tennis started again this week, although due to N’s illness, we pushed his lesson back to next week. Given I’m not sure about sending him back to school if his year group does go back this summer, now we’ve said yes to going back to tennis, I’m a bit wary and wondering whether we should have said no. We were planning to play ourselves down at the courts, and with a coach there’s lots of rules in place and no touching the ball with hands unless it’s your own set of balls, but we don’t know how many other people the coach has seen and who he’s been near who might have had coronavirus. So we’ll see what happens next week.

Here’s our week 20 of Project 52.

On Sunday we didn’t do anything much. I finished one of the hardest Wasgij puzzles I’ve ever done.

School work was productive on Monday and we had to make a volcano that was on N’s topic work. He loved doing it.

Tuesday was quiet on the school front. N did a lot of online maths tests and games and wrote up (atrociously) his fantasy story he’d done the planning for on the Monday. We’d chatted about it the day before and created a great story and setting. The written up version didn’t have any fantasy in it and was so dull. Yawn.

On Wednesday, N’s tonsils were up with white lines and spots on again. I spoke to the doctor and he reckons it’s the last lot that wasn’t fully gone. He was only given 5 days of antibiotics last time, so this time he’s been given the full course of 10 days. They’ve changed the manufacturer of the medicine and instead of revolting orange flavour, it’s not an even worse strawberry flavour. It was nice to have a brief chat through the dispensary window with the healthcare assistant who usually does my INR tests as there was no queue this time.

It was a quieter school day (the excuse that he wasn’t feeling too good), but there was a lot of maths games online done, some research on the San Andreas fault and spellings. That’s better than nothing.

On Thursday, I made some almond fat bombs. They’re really good, and I’m a bit obsessed with fat bombs. My diet has been awful this week, eating whatever rubbish I can find. I need to get back to it, but time of the month is obviously calling! I’ve decided that this is the turning point week for my hair. It’s so tangled at the bottom (joys of fine hair), is getting really static, and then flat on top. Even if I style it, it’s dead by the end of the day. I’m also losing a lot more hair than I usually would – normally, I don’t lose much at all.

N made a Lego cab and helicopter creation rather than doing much school work.

Friday we had a Tesco delivery, and amazingly my plain flour was substituted with self raising. Yippee. I’ve been trying to buy some for the whole of lockdown with no success from supermarket or local shop. So now I have some. I got stricter again with N’s school work.

He read, out of choice, for nearly an hour first thing – normally, he’ll only read as part of school work, and has to do 10 mins on the timer. But he gets delivered The Week Junior newspaper, and 4 weeks in he’s been inspired to read it. The article that drew him in…a debate about whether fast food restaurants should stick to meat dishes rather than adding vegan. For the first time maths was a slog – he was making ridiculously hard work of measurement division. He managed to avoid doing his english activity or any topic work. And instead of spellings disappeared off onto the farm to go on the tractor with his dad for sileaging.

My brother turned up for the second time this week for a discussion on the door step. It’s so nice to be able to see him again. Once lockdown ends he’s going to take N to play golf on the practice holes and driving range at the club he goes to. And is planning to take him out with the old air rifle the OH’s been given, so N can do some target practice.

On Saturday it was another very lazy day. I spent a lot of time doing jigsaw puzzles. I made scones x2 types to try making some keto ones as well for myself. My brother popped over again and he and N went out walking up the hill to do some shooting.

This week’s photo was taken on the way back from picking up N’s prescription. The cow parsley in the verges is looking beautiful at the moment.

cow parsley on road verges in May

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  1. So sorry to hear N isn’t well again, no wonder he’s lost interest in his schoolwork. i found getting my kids to do homework was hard enough without having to home school them, i’m guessing most parents and kids are struggling with the motivation now. I need a few more weeks with my hair then I can scrape it up into a ponytail and be done with

  2. Sorry to hear about the tonsillitis, it sounds painful, and hope the meds help this time.
    I’m running low on flour, and haven’t being able to get any recently. Haven’t been able to book a Tesco delivery for the whole lockdown, though was luckier with Ocado.
    My husband takes Eddie to the local courts to play tennis. We do not plan to go back to school yet, and Eddie’s year is most likely not going back until September.

    1. I’m now running low on plain flour. I’ve obviously got through a lot because I had a big stash in the larder, but today got to my last bag. Will have to order some with a veg order next week.
      I’m not sure when N’s year will be due back. The school is taking Reception, Y1 and 6 back on 1st if that happens, but there won’t be room in classes for those numbers without splitting them inside and outside all the time, so there’s no way they’ll be able to have the other year groups back as well full time. I think partial school hours will be more disruptive to working parents as well as the kids. So no idea what will happen.

  3. Oh no poor N sorry to hear that he is poorly again. I hope he doesn’t get too bad with it. Like the sound of Keto scones, I do wonder if I should try that diet. Sounds like N has a similar relationship with homeschooling as my eldest!

    1. The keto scones are good but very crumbly. I need to try them with xanthan gum in as that should make them hold better.
      I think the home schooling thing is just boys!

  4. Oh poor little man with tonsillitis, Sebby always suffers and it is so miserable for them. Hopefully the antibiotics work this time.
    I have had a couple of doorstep visits this week. It has been lovely to chat to some different faces

    1. Horrible when they get ill. Thankfully this did improve quite fast and the antibiotics are for longer so should see it off.

  5. Nice to get chance to see somebody different for a change. I hope that helps others. What a shame about tonsillitis again, maybe a longer course of antibiotics will help xx

  6. I hope N gets better. Why are schools opening if students can be taught through online classes? Here they are closed till July until further notice (although some officials here are requesting for schools to open :/) Almond fat bombs sound interesting, do focus on your diet if you’re losing hair too much. Lovely picture

    1. Not all schools can do online lessons. We’re rural here so lots of people would struggle with fast enough internet, and some families don’t have computers or tablets for each child. So multiple siblings wouldn’t be able to study at set times. Ours are getting paper packs at the moment, although we can log in and use online resources. But the teachers aren’t teaching as they’re in schools at the moment with key workers.

  7. Such a beautiful photo of the cow parsley in the verges. Sorry to hear that N has had tonsillitis again and hope that he is feeling better now. Glad you managed to get some self-raising flour and that N is able to do tennis lessons again. #project366

    1. Now I’m short of plain flour. Will need to search around for that now lol. And Baking powder which was on my order this week, but none turned up.

  8. Sounds like you have lots of activities planned. Tennis sounds like it should be ok, as the players will be “socially distanced” anyway. Hope you manage to get rid of the tonisillitis this time – definitely not fun. The schoolwork all sounds interesting to me – but then again, I don’t have to sit down and do it ! lol. Lovely to see your brother 🙂

  9. Poor N that’s tough being ill twice in quick succession! Hooray for scone making and jigsaws, its the little things that bring so much joy right now. It’s great isn’t it that we have a little bit more freedom now, I enjoy going to chat to my parents from afar.

  10. Nice to get chance to see somebody different for a change.
    Shame about the tonsillitis again, maybe a longer course of antibiotics might be handy to make sure definitely dead this time?

  11. Ohhhh how did you get on with the Keto scones? You will have to let me know the recipe! 🙂
    I am trying desperately to get back on track, today is going to be a good day!

    Sorry to hear N is still not feeling great, hopefully the 2nd lot of medicine is kicking in, despite the horrible taste. It’s great you are looking at getting back into tennis, but never would I have imagined there would be so many rules to it now.. will life ever get back to normal? Put’s a new spin on ‘new balls please!’
    My daughter goes indoor rock climbing, no sign of them re-opening just yet and am slightly dreading its return!

    What a gorgeous walk to pick up the prescription! Loving how green all the plants and trees are at the moment – weird how a slower pace of life means you notice the smaller things in life! Here’s to a fab week next week! Sim x #Project366

    1. Keto scones were fine, but they’re very crumbly. I didn’t include the optional xanthan gum but think next time I’ll try that. I’ve had a really bad week again, being at home is not the best when I’ve got to supply treats for N and the OH. Need to make some more fat bombs to get in the sweet hit without raiding what’s in the larder!

  12. That is a beautiful, peaceful photo. So sorry to hear N has tonsilitis again. Hopefully having the full dose of antibiotics should sort him out. How lovely to see your brother again!
    It is hard to know what activities they should do now that lockdown is easing. My eldest has been out to meet two separate friends (different occasions), but the other two haven’t bothered yet. My younger son just wants to be able to get back to athletics training.

  13. Aww! Poor N. He really is suffering with his tonsils. I hope he feels better soon.
    Well done to N with the reading.
    What a pretty looking lane. The cow parsley really is pretty x

  14. That’s a lovely capture of the cow parsely.

    Yay to getting self raising flour. I have run out of plain flour so will have to see if I can find some.

    Sorry to hear N’s tonsilitis is back.

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