marigold lensball flower photo

Project 52 2018 week 39 – lensball flowers

It’s another week of Project 52, and it’s been a busy one at work.  We had a big project publication and launch at the start of the week, plus I’ve been trying to progress other bits to enable us to move things on faster. It feels like we’re getting somewhere, but sometimes things just take longer than you expect.

I did pop out one lunch with a work friend to a local furniture outlet place so she could look for dining room chairs. It’s lovely to catch up but also made me realise I have to get the OH to agree on some new sofas and chairs. The ones we have are so ragged and ripped it’s really disgraceful.  Getting him to the shop would be helpful given he needs to make sure they’d be comfortable for sleeping on at calving time, but he won’t go into town. Sigh.

The week ended with a flexi day for me. It started with taking in a lemon traybake to school for Macmillan coffee morning fundraising – I was pleased mine had all sold by the time I did the school pick up. I sorted out 3 bank accounts with one bank, but still have a handful to sort, and need to move my ISA to one that actually pays some interest.  Then I blogged and tried to get my dance blog product planned out.  I want to hit Christmas with it, but I’m not sure that’s really feasible given the lack of time I’ve been able to spend on it.  I had 5 hours to myself, but it still didn’t feel long enough and I was obviously way too ambitious with what I’d thought I’d get done.

N had his tennis lesson – the group’s increased in size again but it’s nice that there’s a couple of new children who’s miles ahead of the rest of them. It’ll be good to have someone for N to aim for given the new group is just everyone from before. Rather than what they’d told me, that they’d move 4 of them up, and put them with some of the group above them.

Saturday was a lazy day. Swimming lesson with N demoing again (he told me if he demos everything then he will be so good he won’t need lessons anymore!). Bakery trip, lunch.  Then helped N do his homework – writing a speech to stand for school council. Evidently none of his year group did one so they’ve all been told to write one) even though N doesn’t want to stand for it because he’s worried he’ll not remember what people will tell him. He went off to pick sloes for my brother to make sloe gin, while I prepped tea and sorted out the washing. I have no idea how a whole day goes so fast without time to actually sit down and do anything.

The one bonus for the week has been the lovely weather. It’s meant we’ve been able to wander in the garden for a bit after work and homework, watching the early season calves in the field and taking photos of what’s left in the garden.

marigold lensball flower photo
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    1. So am I, hence why I take lots in the garden lol. He’s doing so well on swimming – he moved up 2 groups to the top one in school (due to them only taking half of year 4 at a time and hardly any of year 2 being able to swim without arm bands) so he’s now getting stretched more because he’s in with kids who do lifesaving/are 2-3 stages ahead of him in non-school swimming lessons. He does quite like doing writing – the actual act of it, and ever since he was 3 he used to draw rows of zig zags up and down an A4 page. Terrible at drawing, but good pen control. It’s only as neat at this when he’s copying something.

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a really busy week. The photo is fantastic. I need to get myself a lens ball!

  2. What a busy week for you! We also need a new sofa, ours is a total disgrace by now, and most uncomfortable. The lens ball photo is very beautiful, like a mini-world inside it. Good luck with your creative project/dance blog.

  3. What a bust week you have had. Love the lensball shot. Interestingly you seem to have the smaller one and seeing your image I am wondering if it might be easier to handle than my large one. I shall ponder this during the week! Love the way you have caught the flower right n the middle. #mysundayphoto

  4. Early season calves, so early I’m not sure it counts as early season or late season! We have “early season” piglets, love baby animals at any season, and sunny days and your pretty lens ball flowers.

  5. What a busy week. The weather has been lovely here too, the perfect temperature for me. Glad you managed a wander. Love your lensball photo. Quite often I can’t see the point of them but all the ones of yours I’ve seen make me want to give it a try, it definitely adds something to the photo. #MySundayPhoto

  6. It sounds like a busy week. I can totally relate to never having enough time for everything – five hours definitely disappears very quickly. It sounds like N is doing really well in both his tennis and his swimming.

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