Project 365 2017 week 52 – the last one

playing rummikub

After 4 years, this is going to be the last one of Project 365 for me.  I may link up one photo a week and do a Project 52 instead, but I’ll have to see what I fancy. N has also put the kibosh on photos of him on the blog so I’m going to have to rethink what the blog’s going to cover and how I can still work round that and continue to have the blog as our… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 52 – the last one”

Project 365 2017 week 51 – the penultimate

morning sunrise in December

The last few weeks of the year are rushing by as usual.  N finished school on Tuesday for the Christmas holidays, and I finished work the same day, so we’ve been doing lots this week. Next week will be back to not doing much and having a bit more of a relax (and for me to get my tax return sorted out!). Here’s week 51 of Project 365 for this year. On Sunday we didn’t get up to much. A… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 51 – the penultimate”

Project 365 2017 week 50

climbing the snowy fence

Only a couple of weeks to go for Project 365, and this week features a lot of unexpected snow for this time of the year. On Sunday we had a lot of snow.  About a foot, certainly in places over welly boot height (or at least my shorter wellies).  N was in his element – he spent about 6 1/2 hours out in it (not just in his Christmas jumper) On Monday it was a snow day off school and… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 50”

Project 365 2017 week 49

trees against blue sky

It’s week 49 (yep, only 2 weeks today til week 52!).  As per usual the year has rushed on by.  Here’s this week’s Project 365. On Sunday I played around with festive flatlays and photo props.  One of my worst habits (apart from biting my fingernails and like to eat some real junk-y food) is courses.  Yes, I have a tendency to start courses but never finish the. Usually because I get left behind really quickly.  This week I’ve been… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 49”

Project 365 28017 week 48

playing with santa and elf ha

Only a few weeks of 2017 left for Project 365.  This is my 4th year of doing it, and while I love it, I feel like I’m getting a bit bored. It’s also a rush getting it done at weekends, when for the past 2 years I’ve been saying I’ll cut down on blog posts each week.  So I’ll have to see how I feel into next year. Here’s week 48. On Sunday, we went to Waddesdon Manor to check… Continue Reading “Project 365 28017 week 48”

Project 365 2017 week 47

sprocker nose

Last week’s Project 365 is a little delayed, but I decided I’d rather add it later than double up this week.  So here’s week 47 of Project 365. On Sunday, I headed up to London to meet up with 2 of my old school friends. We try and meet up a few times a year, but this was a first in London. And without the children too.  We walked along South Bank, went to the Press Photographers awards exhibition at… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 47”

Project 365 2017 week 46 – flower photography and crochet

flower photography set up

It’s week 46 of Project 365, and I’ve a real mix of photos this week. Thankfully this week N has agreed to some photos, so at least I’ve managed to get some of him. On Sunday we visited the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. We had a lovely time exploring all the old buildings. On Monday it was a normal work day.  After a colleague went home one of the guys decided to have a bit of fun with… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 46 – flower photography and crochet”

Project 365 2017 week 45

snoozing st bernard dog

Only a few days late with this Project 365 and week 45.  Sometimes there’s just too much going on at weekends to get these things done.  Not helped by my brother always turning up for a chat as I’m about to sit down and relax or do specific tasks.  It’s lovely to talk to him and see him, but sometimes his timing is rubbish. Here’s this week’s photos. On Sunday after tea, the OH turned on the tv and caught… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 45”

Project 365 2017 week 44

black labrador on the door step

It’s week 44 of Project 365, and the clocks went back meaning it’s even harder to get photos each day. Unless of couse, I go out for a walk at lunchtimes.  I have just started a fine art flower photography course as a beta tester, so over the next few months, more flowers will be popping up on here. On Sunday, the weather was lovely. We pottered around at home with N out on the farm most of the day.… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 44”

Project 365 2017 week 43

tropical flower bouquet

We’re onto week 43, and it’s been half term. N’s had the best of both worlds, 3 days spent on the farm with his dad (and with Granny and Gramps as well). And then 2 days with me out and about. Here’s this week’s Project 365. On Sunday we tried these cauliflower sprouts. I’m still to be convinced although noone else moaned which is always good. On Monday I was back at work, and I struggle to take photos with… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 43”