Vintage Cosmetic Company 12 days Advent Calendar giveaway


I’m not big on fashion and beauty but sometimes I come across a brand that makes me feel happy and warm inside.  When the Vintage Cosmetic Company introduced their products to me, it made me smile. Who wouldn’t want to feel elegant and hark back to the 1950s while using good quality beauty accessories. The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a British brand offering a range of high quality beauty accessories with a pretty, feminine design. The brand has seen strong… Continue Reading “Vintage Cosmetic Company 12 days Advent Calendar giveaway”

My favourite hand cream – L’Occitane Crème Mains

L'occitane hand cream

I’m a bit lax on the skincare front.  I don’t really moisturise (definitely not daily), and until I need to start thinking about getting my legs out (doesn’t happen often), I don’t bother with body lotion.  Luckily thanks to having had a dishwasher since moving in with the OH, I don’t spend lots of time washing up, so my hands are still pretty supple and smooth for a late 30 something year old. But I do have a favourite hand… Continue Reading “My favourite hand cream – L’Occitane Crème Mains”

When bloggers meet – Midlands blog meet

bunting in the Malt Cross

Strictly speaking, I’m not really in the Midlands, but never one to miss out I decided a trip to Nottingham for the Midlands blog meet set up by Emma and Kelly was an event to check out.  Coming up for blog conference season, it was also a good opportunity to try and meet some people in a more cosy situation beforehand. So Saturday came, and N and I duly travelled up to Nottingham to meet the others in the Malt… Continue Reading “When bloggers meet – Midlands blog meet”

Sleep deprived mums, sleep routines and touche eclat

Sleep deprivation is something you expect to suffer as a parent but wish you didn’t have to. There seems to be almost a competition in how long your baby sleeps and when they finally seem to sleep through. I reckon it’s more like desperation and is always good to compare in case you can find any tips on coping yourself, or improving your child’s sleeping habits. I’d decided before even getting pregnant that I would follow the Gina Ford route… Continue Reading “Sleep deprived mums, sleep routines and touche eclat”