Music Exploration Classic FM Hall of Fame and tv music

Playing his ukelele - Bubbablue and me Music Exploration

Last month I decided not to write up a music exploration post because we’d not been doing much music, but this time I’m on it, although it’s largely been music by accident.  But with music always on the radio, quite often on the tv and in the house, there’s not really much escaping it. This month, we Listened to The Classic FM Hall of Fame.  Every year I vote for my 3 favourites (they rarely change from year to year,… Continue Reading “Music Exploration Classic FM Hall of Fame and tv music”

Music Exploration 19 – Christmas carols and french songs

10 minute make a no sew nativity costume

We’ve not focused on music much this month.  Although with Christmas coming, music has been high on the agenda by default. This month we’ve Sung Nativity songs N had his nativity play which was ‘There’s a miracle in town’.  He was a villager, but that meant singing virtually all the songs along with the actions.  He loves to sing and I’ve been able to hear him practising around the house.  I don’t recognise any of the songs, apart from Heads,… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 19 – Christmas carols and french songs”

Music Exploration month 18 – drumming

double bass at rest at the Paddington's First concert

We’ve been a bit rubbish recently listening to music.  After the Paddington Concert last month, N’s still just been obsessed with rock music, although there’s been some other music floating round. Here’s what we’ve been doing musically this month. Listened to World music.  Unintentionally though.  With a bit of Strictly Come Dancing providing samba and other latin music on occasion, N does seem to turn from what he’s doing to listen and watch anything that sounds out of context.  As… Continue Reading “Music Exploration month 18 – drumming”

Music Exploration 17 – golden oldies

grooving on a sunny afternoon outside

It feels like ages since I’ve done a Music Exploration post.  Or in fact, anything about music, but looking back at my notes, we’ve been listening to quite a lot.  Informally as usual, but I’m loving that N is starting to ask more about the music we’re listening to. This month we’ve been: Discovering old music loves Most of my 350 (yep, 350!) CDs are in the loft, but I was getting a bit sick of the few that N… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 17 – golden oldies”

Music Exploration 15 – last night of the proms

musical exploration badge

Damn that headache after a work conference in a boiling hot room yesterday.  Hence this Music Exploration post is a day late…maybe I should just change my day to the 16th each month?! Anyway, there’s been a lot of music going on this month.  Most of it is by accident rather than specific intention, but there’s definitely signs that N is enjoying different types of music and choosing music off his own back.  This is really what I was aiming… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 15 – last night of the proms”

Pop Goes Your Name – children’s personalised cd

doing the mashed potato dance

I’ve shared in the past how N is a bit of a rock child, in that he loves watching and dancing along to AC/DC.  We don’t generally listen to children’s music as I’ve not come across anything to date which doesn’t put me off listening.  Cue bad nursery rhyme mixes and the like.  So when we were offered the chance to review Pop Goes the Name, I thought we might be on to something better. Pop Goes Your Name has… Continue Reading “Pop Goes Your Name – children’s personalised cd”

Exploring music with Calypso Kids at Brailes Show

rainbow music ribbons

I wrote about Brailes Show at the weekend, but I had lots of photos and wanted to pull out what we got up to musically for my Musical Exploration link this month.  I like to arrive on time for events, and in this case getting there on time meant we were there ready for the start of the children’s music activity. It was being run by Calypso Kids, not a group we’ve come across before.  It entails the usual baby… Continue Reading “Exploring music with Calypso Kids at Brailes Show”

Music Exploration with children linky 5

musical exploration badge

Ok, so my intentions on starting this musical exploration with children linky were to gradually introduce N to different genres of music each month. You can find last month’s linky here to see what everyone’s been up to. My original objective’s not really gone to plan, mostly because what we listen to is the radio (mostly Radio 2 so a real mix on there), or Heart at the weekends. Both have quite a bit of chatting. Because the weather’s been… Continue Reading “Music Exploration with children linky 5”