The receiving end of gossiping mums

On the receiving end of gossiping mums - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes you get moments in life which make you wonder why they happen.  Then you get angry about it, moan and have a rant (ok, maybe that’s just me).  Then you spend time wondering if you’ve reverted back to school days with wondering what other people are thinking and saying. Usually I’m on the outskirts of groups at school. I have a few friends amongst the mums who I’ll see outside school, mostly because I knew them beforehand and a… Continue Reading “The receiving end of gossiping mums”

8 kids tv shows I love to hate

8 kids tv shows I love to hate

I’m sure it was the same when we were children, but there’s certain kids tv shows that adults hate.  I suppose children do watch a lot more tv than when I was a child.  Although my mum did moan about how much we watched and there was a stage where my brother and I were only allowed to watch 3 hours of tv each a week – if we chose different tv shows, we could watch 6. It didn’t last… Continue Reading “8 kids tv shows I love to hate”

Motherhood: the mum and son relationship

mum and son selfie at Geronimo

While it’s noticeable how much N loves his dad for certain things – bear hug cuddles, play fighting, going out and working on the farm, having a bath while his dad showers – motherhood is very different thanks to the mother and son relationship. Someone I know once said about her son ‘I’m never letting him go’.  Maybe that’s a little strong given that one day they’ll be leaving home to study or work, having girlfriends or wives and moving… Continue Reading “Motherhood: the mum and son relationship”

Learning about health and exercise at school

exercising on bikes

One of the great things about children starting school is that you no longer have to answer every question they ask.  I’m presuming the teachers get a lot of their questions too.  But there’s also the mystery about what they learn at school.  Because you can never get a complete school day run down from 5 year olds. N’s quite good at telling me what he’s been doing.  Sometimes it’s sporadic, but I can prompt because the school send us… Continue Reading “Learning about health and exercise at school”

Pre children thoughts vs post children parenting style

pre child vs post child parenting style - bubbablueandme (1)

Not being a fan of children before having N (I’m still reserving judgement on some kids even now), there were a lot of things I’d have been amazed parents let their children do.  While I never saw myself with children, I would still think to myself ‘I’d never let that happen’ or ‘no child of mine would do or have that’. Of course once you have children some things change.  Pre-kids I was definitely a Type A personality, a bit… Continue Reading “Pre children thoughts vs post children parenting style”

Creating a normal family life

living a normal family life on the farm - Bubbablue and me

Before we decided to try for a baby, our life probably looked quite odd from the outside. Having a farmer husband didn’t really change my independence and life much because he worked all hours of the day during the summer and in the winter was off long days shooting in some winter months.  So I would dance 3 to 4 nights a week, work as normal, and then at weekends when he was working I’d catch up with friends, shop, see… Continue Reading “Creating a normal family life”

Shoe laces – a big mistake

Learning to cope with shoe laces - Bubbablue and me

N’s feet have finally grown.  His school shoes still fit ok but he needed new trainers which are always harder to buy.  His insteps aren’t particularly high, he’s an F fitting, but velcro fastenings never seem long enough on trainers for some reason. So we headed off to Brantano to find some trainers in the hope they’d have enough choice there and which weren’t ridiculously priced given they’ll get wrecked fairly quickly.  They confirmed his feet had grown, only 1/2… Continue Reading “Shoe laces – a big mistake”

The tooth fairy cometh – first wobbly tooth

portrait outdoors

It’s another big first moment. Yes, N has his first wobbly tooth. It crept up on me.  I know several other 5 year olds who’ve recently lost their first, but thought we’d be waiting a bit longer.  But no, he woke on Monday morning telling me proudly that his tooth was wobbly. I think he was a little confused about how it’s still wobbly 2 days later.  He was obviously imagining a brief wobble and then it falling out immediately… Continue Reading “The tooth fairy cometh – first wobbly tooth”

How to cope without broadband as a blogger

What to do when you lose broadband as a blogger - Bubbablue and me

As a blogger, one of the worst things that can happen is having no broadband.  While it can be quite relaxing without it – if it’s a planned break – when it’s unexpected, it can prove a little stressful especially if you’ve got a lot of outstanding sponsored content due to be published. Last summer I had nearly a month of no broadband for a couple of reasons. The first was going camping to a campsite where the promised broadband… Continue Reading “How to cope without broadband as a blogger”

Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?

children's chatter - dancing

Now I’m back dancing again, I’m trying to get there 2 nights a week.  That helps on the fitness side, but also gives me a bit of a social life outside of work – although I don’t see many of my old friends there there’s only so much chatting and socialising I actually do. Me dancing does seem to confuse N a little though, and it makes it hard to get the bedtime routine done on time and bedtime stories… Continue Reading “Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?”