Hugging children – should we force kids to hug?

Should we force kids to hug - Bubbablue and me

Reading an article recently on the damage that can be done when forcing children to hug people against their will, made me think about what we did as kids and now with N. Is encouraging hugging children really that bad? I pondered how things change with personal space and comfortableness in hugging as you get older. Various research suggests that it’s damaging to force children to ‘go and give Aunty so and so a hug and/or kiss’. The theory being… Continue Reading “Hugging children – should we force kids to hug?”

Blogging traits – the weird blog world

Blogging traits - weird work of bloggers - Bubbablue and me

Some people start blogging and they might already have got involved on Twitter or Instagram, or follow other bloggers and so understand more about what being a blogger is about. But when I started I knew no bloggers and apart from vaguely being on twitter (ie I set up an account years ago), I had no idea. But 5 (or is it 6) years in, blogging has definitely changed me – I’m now a night owl for example. And that’s… Continue Reading “Blogging traits – the weird blog world”

Ode to an only child – is only child syndrome real?

Only child syndrome, is it real- - Bubbablue and me

When I was a child, only children were a mystery to me.  I thought I didn’t really know any.  Because all my friends were mostly 1 of 2 children, with the occasional 4 thrown in.  But it wasn’t until secondary school age when I realised I knew 2.  Yes 2.  One at dancing, and one at school.  None through music or sport, most seemed to have a sibling.  And similar with my brother’s friends.  Even at uni, I knew very… Continue Reading “Ode to an only child – is only child syndrome real?”

What love is…when you have children

Love is...settig them free - Bubbablue and me

When I was a girl, one of the chores we had to do was the drying up on a Sunday.  Of course it was drying up minus dishwashers.  We always fought over the best tea towels and one of my favourites was the Love Is…cartoon strip one. It was a cartoon of a little couple and a range of lines that showed what love is.  It was started in the 1960s by New Zealander Kim Casali as little notes to… Continue Reading “What love is…when you have children”

8 things you lose when you have kids

8 things you lose when you have kids - Bubbablue and me

When I was still against having children, I remember a good friend saying to me that she felt having her children really changed her. She felt she was less selfish than previously which I was surprised about because she was one of the people I would say is most generous with her time and support. Her reasoning was that she was obviously looking out more for her children than thinking about herself all the time. There’s certainly a lot of… Continue Reading “8 things you lose when you have kids”

My rules for Instagram – how I do it

My rules for Instagram - Bubbablue and me

As far as I’m concerned social media is all about what you make of it. Yes, there’s etiquette, and yes, there are things that people do that are really annoying. But we have to live with that – if they’re happy doing social media one way, then that’s their prerogative. With Instagram, it seems everyone is now on the bandwagon. I’ve been using Instagram for 3 years now, and I love it. The bit about it I don’t like (apart… Continue Reading “My rules for Instagram – how I do it”

Choosing a camera – is a DSLR really necessary? Try a compact system camera

Choosing a camera, do you really need a DSLR - Bubbablueandme

In the blogging world, it seems everyone who has a vague interest in improving their photography dreams for or is planning to buy a DSLR camera.  We all know they’re what the pros use, when people ask for camera recommendations, apart from the odd phone camera thrown in, it’s always DSLR models that are mentioned.  You don’t hear someone say, ‘I love my compact zoom and it does everything I could wish for’ etc. Until the end of last year,… Continue Reading “Choosing a camera – is a DSLR really necessary? Try a compact system camera”

The 9 ways that hot desking is hell

9 ways that hot desking is hell

More and more companies are going to hot-desking as flexible working becomes more prevalent. I’m sure there are numerous benefits: allows companies to have less space for more people with the increased flexibility of working from home networking opportunities more cross team working more people get to sit at a window seat and more. But I really hate it. Our company has hot-desking and has since I started there 2.5 years ago.  It works brilliantly for people who work a… Continue Reading “The 9 ways that hot desking is hell”

The truth about booking swimming lessons

en route to swimming

I wrote a few weeks ago that N had now graduated from Water Babies now he’s four.  You’d think it would be simple to just transfer him over to new swimming classes and all would be lovely and fine. However, if you’ve never tried to get your child (and I’m talking post-baby swimming lessons) into swimming lessons and haven’t had them on a waiting list since birth, then start thinking about it now.  It can be a total nightmare. I’ve… Continue Reading “The truth about booking swimming lessons”