When kids activities mean more than just activities

kids activities benefits - Bubbablue and me

For a working mum things are a bit strange and detached when your children start school. When I compare my life and interaction with school compared with my mum’s (who was a SAHM until we were secondary school age), it’s so different. I work full time, although compress my hours earlier in the week so I can do 2 normal time drop offs and 1 pick up on a Friday. The rest of the week, N is in morning club… Continue Reading “When kids activities mean more than just activities”

7 outdoor family fun ideas to get down with the kids

7 outdoor family fun activities - Bubbablue and me

Living on a farm meant there wasn’t much chance that N wouldn’t love the outdoors. He’d play outside all day given half a chance. I on the other hand, as so many other adults do, put off going out because of everything else that gets in the way. Of course it wasn’t always like that, I used to enjoy as much as any other children playing outside. In fact, our childhood house overlooked a green and all the kids from… Continue Reading “7 outdoor family fun ideas to get down with the kids”

Living Arrows 2015 week 44 – halloween goggles

Ghost Hunt glasses

I think N’s just about getting into playing games now.  He loves UNO, but was really quite taken with a couple of Halloween games were were sent for a review. One of the games included these 3D glasses to add to the difficulty, read make the game impossible.  N just liked trying them on and looking round the room to see the rainbow 3D effect on everything. A retro item of my youth, still being enjoyed by the children of… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 44 – halloween goggles”

A dream house with Lego

Building our Lego dream house with Ocean Finance

N’s just getting into proper Lego, but when we were sent some Lego to create a dream house for Ocean Finance, he was really excited. At first N wanted to know where the instructions were because he’s only ever followed instructions to make a specific Lego item.  I had to explain that the beauty of Lego is that you can build whatever you want and however you want  it to look.  Once he’d grasped that idea, he was well away.… Continue Reading “A dream house with Lego”

Living Arrows 2015 week 32 – smile

I much prefer taking candid photos, mostly because you get a much more natural look, plus it means you don’t get forced kids’ smiles.  I know N is much more naturally smiley and happy when I just snap away.  Otherwise I get a lot more ‘no mummy, no more photos’ when he’s more aware of me with the camera. We had a great evening the other day, both on the trampoline. Me bouncing around obviously made N laugh alot, until… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 32 – smile”

Living Arrows 2015 week 31 – tractor fun

Tractor rides on the farm - Living Arrows

N does love a tractor, unsurprisingly.  Real or toy, he loves to get involved. This week’s Living Arrows photo is taken from this weekend, where he’s been cutting the grass with his scissors, and collecting up the windfall cooking apples in his trailer. Thankfully he also listened to my advice that wellies were really too warm to wear, and not suitable to wear without socks.  So the camping crocs were brought out to wear.  I’m not a fan of crocs,… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 31 – tractor fun”

Living Arrows 2015 week 22 – sticking

sticking and artwork -glueing buttons

I was struggling to choose a photo this week.  Mostly because I didn’t want to use one I’d used in other places or posts.  But then I didn’t have too many other lovely photos of N. Until Sunday, when I wondered where N had disappeared off to, to find him in the kitchen cutting bits of paper up, getting out some craft supplies from my craft drawers, and finding the glue pen to make a creation. I love how he… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 22 – sticking”

Simple indoor water activities

water play

Like most children, N loves to play with water.  In the bath he doesn’t really use traditional bath toys, it’s all about transferring water from one item to the other, and using the empty shower gel or shampoo bottles for his concoctions. The water table outside is a big draw, even when it’s iced over, although it really does need a clear out and clean of all the leaves and mucky water that’s in it currently. And he’s already been… Continue Reading “Simple indoor water activities”

Making new nursery friends – partners in crime

water tubing in the nursery garden

Since January when N’s nursery school moved location it’s been a bit of a change for N.  Of course, he’s taken everything in his stride and it’s been a fairly minor change in terms of who’s been involved.  The nursery is now on its own site, and opens longer hours, so he now has tea there on a Thursday, and comes home at preschool time as usual on a Friday.  It’s a lot less stress for me, and means yippee,… Continue Reading “Making new nursery friends – partners in crime”