School days – illness and playing recorder

painting with chalkola chalk markers

This week’s School Days hasn’t been the norm.  Unfortunately it involved illness, a bit of a mystery one, so N ended up having 2 days off.  Usually he has a day a year, and since Christmas he’s now had 3 this year!  Not good. *Contains affiliate links Class assembly N kept asking me questions about class assembly.Why did their class never have long to learn or practice it. With it falling so soon after half term, they didn’t have long… Continue Reading “School days – illness and playing recorder”

School days – class dog and giraffes

Monty the class dog

This week was the first full week back at school.  N took it all in his stride. He doesn’t seem (at home at least), to really have ups and downs at the start or end of terms. He just gets on with it, and we would rarely know any different.  Onto this week’s School Days. Handwriting N’s handwriting is still hit and miss. Sometimes it’s really neat, others it’s wild ,and sometimes he writes it so small noone is going… Continue Reading “School days – class dog and giraffes”

School Days – snow day and nativity

Living Arrows 2017 week 51 - child in nativity

We’re really into the run down to Christmas now, with only 2 (party) days to go.  This week just gone did have some disruptions to the planning thanks to the heavy snow we had. Here’s this week’s School Days. Snow day For the first time since N’s been at school there was a school closure thanks to snow.  The school were planning to open until Sunday evening when it was heard on the village e-news that a tree was down… Continue Reading “School Days – snow day and nativity”

School Days – adjectives and music lessons

Doing maths homework

I’m a day late with School Days this week – thanks to a busy weekend up in Manchester at Blog on Xmas conference. It was great fun although I have to admit my head is painful now due not drinking enough water, 2 late nights and a very hot building.  But here we are again. Alien adjectives Week N’s class have a theme for literacy, based around a book.  This week’s was Beegu, an alien story.  N’s homework this week… Continue Reading “School Days – adjectives and music lessons”

School Days – swimming and story writing

watching tv

Week 2 of the school term is done and things are still going pretty well.  Ok, so it’s still hard to get N to do his reading (we now have a sheep deal, but he already missed one day!), but the last bit of reading he did with me was so much better and back to how he was reading in the summer. So I’m pleased with that. Swimming N has never been a fan of swimming lessons and he… Continue Reading “School Days – swimming and story writing”

School days and settling in

first target certificate

This weekend was so busy, there was no time for blogging.  So my standard posts are a little late…as for my monthly music post. Let’s just say, I think it might not happen this month!  Good job the linky didn’t take off. But back to my school days post.  It’s been another good week at school, although some angst with his best friend. Settling in sessions Our parents evenings aren’t until after Christmas. To me that makes sense because there’s… Continue Reading “School days and settling in”

First day at school…in trouble already

Best first day at school photo

It’s September which means only one thing.  School time. Yes, it’s finally here, and N’s had his first day at school. While many mums have found it really emotional and have worried about how empty their life is, I was taking it in my stride.  Thinking it would all be fine (apart from the logistical issues).  When it came to the week before and him having to say bye to his day nursery, it was really quite sad. He’d been… Continue Reading “First day at school…in trouble already”

The mystery that is primary school uniform

mystery of primary school uniform - Bubbablue and me

To those of you with school age children already, do share your experiences and advice.  I’m after a lot of information to help smooth my (I reckon the kids get the easy end of the deal) path into the school age child stage. It’s all about the mystery of primary school uniforms. Size My first issue with primary school uniforms.  It’s a minefield.  I started looking in July before the school holidays, but I’ve already had problems finding uniform that… Continue Reading “The mystery that is primary school uniform”

13 essential tasks for preparing children starting school

13 essential tasks to prepare for starting school - Bubbablue and me

We’re only a couple of weeks off starting school (every day I get asked, ‘when’s September?’) but I think I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the things that need to be checked off before starting.  So I thought I’d pull together a post sharing those points you may have forgotten as well as the obvious ones.  Oh, and the approximate timings. I’m assuming primary school (or kindergarten in the US), but nursery or preschool starters’ parents could also find… Continue Reading “13 essential tasks for preparing children starting school”

First steps to starting school

First steps to starting school - Bubbablueandme

Today has been what is probably the biggest day of N’s life so far.  His settling in day where he’ll be starting school in September. I thought he’d be fine, given he’s been at nursery since he was around 1 year old.  He’s always settled well at both nurseries he goes too, making friends, loving the teachers, and just generally enjoying life the way he always does.  I also knew he would be starting school with around 7 or 8 children… Continue Reading “First steps to starting school”