Project 52 2018 week 2 – Bicester Heritage vehicles

Bicester heritage military vehicles lined up

Back for week 2 of Project 52, and thankfully the week ended better than it went for most of it. I started off last Sunday with a sore throat, and that’s been the theme for the week. Horrible cough, sore throat and fuzzy painful head.  Adding to that lots going on at work with announcements left, right and centre. Oh and the heating systems broken at work as well.  Mornings through til about 3pm was like a sauna, then it… Continue Reading “Project 52 2018 week 2 – Bicester Heritage vehicles”

My Sunday Photo / Project 52 week 1

ittle amsterdam pancake

Ok, so I couldn’t leave behind my Project 365 totally. Instead of doing a 365, I’m planning on doing a Project 52 with 1 photo a week instead.  I’ve been really slack as well with taking photos, probably as a rebellion against the last 4 years of taking pictures every day. This week has been strange. It’s whizzed by, but has been a lost week. Unproductive, hanging around home, avoiding wherever the OH is because he’s had tonsillitis and can’t… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo / Project 52 week 1”