wasgij puzzle turkeys delight

Wasgij puzzle Christmas 13 Turkey’s Delight review and solution

I go through phases with jigsaw puzzles, and this autumn has seen me get back into them again.  It started with the lovely and relaxing Falcon de Luxe Christmas 2 in 1 puzzle, but has now moved onto a first for me. A Wasgij puzzle Christmas 13, a 2 in 1 jigsaw, named Turkey’s Delight.

If you’ve never come across Wasgij before, they’re like a mystery in themselves.  The picture on the box isn’t what the jigsaw image ends up like.  Instead, you’re given clues to solve the puzzle and build it in the right places.

This to me blew my mind.  I like a picture to follow and I’ve really struggled to get my head around how it should look.  My brother took one look at the box and hasn’t been back since to help out.

wasgij puzzle turkeys delight

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With bright colours and a comedy image, I thought it would be one for N to help with, but Wasgij puzzles aren’t for the kids unless you’ve a teen with a particularly warped mind who can see alternative perspectives easily.  I imagine the more of these puzzles you do, you get used to the way of thinking and seeing what the picture really is.

Wasgij puzzles are made by Jumbo, a puzzle specialist, and it’s certainly a good quality puzzle.  The colours are clear and bright, and are easy to put together.  What’s great about this Christmas edition puzzle is that you don’t just get one 1000 piece puzzle, you get an extra one thrown In for free.  Always good value, especially if you’re gifting the puzzle.

What you don’t get is obviously a paper image to follow.  The picture on the box gives you an idea, plus of course the clues. But for the bonus puzzle you don’t get anything.  I have to admit, to get started on  the puzzle, I had to cheat and search online for the solution.  I’m just too impatient to work it out and keep trying to do it.  But then, I chose the wrong bag of puzzle pieces to open and got confused. I started and found that my puzzle wasn’t a total mystery and was the image on the box. I discovered the paper that said the image it was.

Oops. Bag switched and I got making the mystery wasgij puzzle image. It was definitely hard work not having a box image to follow. It’s really satisfying once it’s completed though.

Check out my step by step guide on how to complete a Wasgij puzzle.

Turkeys delight wasgij christmas puzzle
Wasgij Turkeys Delight solution

If you’re want to be puzzled, move on your jigsaw puzzle skills and savour a real challenge, then you really need to try out one of the wasgij puzzles.  Completing them as a family could be a fun way to do it, although without the answer it might cause a few arguments.

The 2 in 1 Turkey Delights Christmas version is available from Amazon and other stores.

Will you be up for the Wasgij puzzle challenge?

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Turkeys Delight – Christmas 13
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Disclosure: I was sent the Turkeys Delight puzzle to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the peace and calmness I get while doing them. If I am stressed I sit at the table to do one which calms me down

  2. It’s difficult to think about anything else whilst engaged with a jigsaw so they are great ways for relaxing

  3. I love the way that you focus so much without realising and also seeing the picture coming together is great too

  4. They keep my brain in gear, enjoy doing them and give me a sense of accomplishment when completed.

  5. Always have a family jigsaw going over the Christmas period. Trying our second Wasgij puzzle this year, definitely challenging

  6. We love doing the puzzles as a family…with the usual argument about who will put in the last piece!!

  7. Love them because it gets the family together, you just can’t walk past with trying to find a few pieces

  8. They help me with my concentration, attention, patience and memory ,they keep my brain working and I enjoy doing them .

  9. I like how at the beginning they seem near impossible but then as you work at it piece by piece you can literally see it all coming together! Great feeling putting in that final piece!

  10. We love doing the wasgij puzzles in our house they are such fun. I was calling them wasjig for a long time until my husband pointed out it was jigsaw backwards haha x

  11. the time we all spend as a family completing them, then if they are pretty scenes, having something to gloss, frame and hang on the wall

  12. 1000 piece puzzles are my optimum – great for clearing my head and relaxing me. I do one every holiday and at least 3 over Christmas!

  13. My husband and I love a jigsaw, we often have one on the dining table and put a few pieces in every time we pass or have a minute.

  14. A challenge, especially if I set a time limit, yet still relaxing as it takes my mind off work stresses and household chores

  15. It’s a great way for me to concentrate and get focused on something that isn’t house related.

  16. I just love becoming completely absorbed in them and the sense of accomplishment when I finish one

  17. I shut myself in the sun lounge every evening with my jigsaw as I find it a great way to unwind before going to bed. They are also very satisfying to watch the puzzle progress. Wasgij are my favourite as you don’t know what the picture is. I have a large collection of Wasgij 🙂

  18. i like them as its something i can start and leave if i have things to do and go back to it later using my jigsaw board ,i find they are relaxing yet make me think too

  19. They keep my daughter busy and stop her using technology so much . She also has a hair pulling condition so this helps keep her hands busy 🙂

  20. I love the challenge of creating a picture from lots of pieces, the harder the jigsaw the better

  21. I find Jigsaws quite relaxing and they also help me remember my Grandfather as we used to do them together

  22. I like a good jigsaw helps to take my mind off my anxiety disorder I think they’re very therapeutic

  23. I love being able to pick them up as and when and do as much or as little as I like 🙂 and I love anything logical so puzzles fit the bill there!

  24. I find them relaxing, they look different every time you go back to them and you can enjoy them with others and even visitors.

  25. I have always found them quite relaxing. Nice to have something to help pass the time that isn’t electronic.

  26. We always have a puzzle out over Christmas which all the family young and old dip in and out of. Team effort and gets very competitive towards the end. Last year we had the Christmas Wasgij which provided hours of entertainment

  27. I love the challenge, the fact that the whole family can get involved and the enjoyment of the picture afterwards.

  28. They keep your mind active, keep you finger nimble . Provid good hand eye co-ordination. Plus you also have a sense of achievement when you have completed it

  29. It is so satisfying to complete a very large puzzle and it also relaxes me and my partner so much…It is a welcome break from the television and computer as well..

  30. I love having to walk away in frustration,only to return minutes to have another go.But upon returning I often notice Santa’s little helpers have added one or two pieces of their own.

  31. they are so amusing, all the little bits you dont notice initially that makes you laugh, my mum does them all the time so i always look at the finished jigsaw

  32. The logic of them. All the pieces have a definite place. Aside from that I love seeing the picture emerge.

  33. I love the distraction from everything, and the Nostalgia, I used to spend hours helping my mum and nan doing there’s, thank you very much for the chance to win xxx

  34. Love a challenge and enjoy taking my time. Great way to relax and look at the masterpiece when finish

  35. I love the fact that we can do jigsaws as a family and they require some kind of thinking to get them done

  36. First I LOVE sorting out all the straight edges and the corners then putting similar colours together
    I HATE it when family help ITS MY PUZZLE. KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF.
    I love looking at the picture and this Christmas one is especially nice, all warm and tingly and Christmasy Yum.
    Sometimes I don’t find them relaxing, some are blooming hard, but much better than being easy peasy RIGHT?
    And I HATE IT when it’s nearly finished as the fun is all gone, and do it again in a year and somehow you remember where all the bits go.
    But then I take my puzzles to my local hospice shop for others to “enjoy”.
    I sometimes buy puzzles from the hospice shop too, but HATE it when bits are missing and you bet it is always the last few bits.
    So I have a LOVE HATE relationship with puzzles and John Spilsbury has a lot to answer for in my house.

  37. They are relaxing. Defo something to do on Christmas Day afternoon while watching tv and stuffing chocolates!

  38. This sounds like my kind of puzzle!! I love the fact that with jigsaws you create order out of chaos 🙂 I find that deeply satisfying! I also love the fact that because it takes a certain amount of concentration, it stops my mind from fretting when I’m really stressed about something!

  39. I love doing jigsaws as a nice way to switch off from technology – Archie and I have got in to doing 1000 piece jigsaws together and he actually loves the wasjig ones!!

  40. Seeing the picture evolve gradually, as jigsaw puzzle gradually completed. As well as the sense / feeling of success on completing the jigsaw puzzle.

  41. I enjoy seeing the picture developing and just how much it helps me to relax after a hectic day.

  42. its just something you can concentrate on and take you away from your worries for a bit x

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