On the first day of parenting – Preparing to survive Christmas!

12days - prepared for xmas

Hello, thank you for hopping over from Welsh Mum of One and welcome to the 1st day of #12DaysOfParenting. Today’s sponsor is More2Explore  who are offering an Adventure Belt and the theme is Preparing to survive the holidays! My keyword to enter today’s giveaway is in this post below, good luck! Full details of the #12DaysOfParenting terms and conditions can be found on the #12DaysOfParenting page and all entries are to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of… Continue Reading “On the first day of parenting – Preparing to survive Christmas!”

Enjoying the outdoors with Trespass coats

Outdoors fun with trespass coats - Bubbablue and me

The weather’s certainly turned colder here, and we’re expecting a cold spell on the way.  Being sent coats from Trespass was perfect timing. I don’t mind the cold as long as I’m dressed for the weather, and sometimes I can get a little hot so I need outerwear that’s easy to strip on and off when needed.  As for N he’s always outdoors and seems to grow out of coats quickly, or he needs them for several different events. For… Continue Reading “Enjoying the outdoors with Trespass coats”

School days – Christmas run up and maths tests

getting ready for school

The excitement of Christmas is at school at the moment. They’ve started their ‘# sleeps til Christmas’ countdown which N loves, and there’s been lots of Christmassy things going on, not just the nativity play rehearsals.  The nativity is due on Tuesday, but given the snow we’ve had all of Sunday, I’m expecting school to be closed tomorrow – and unless there’s a thaw and rain to get rid of the snow, the nativity play and school might struggle on… Continue Reading “School days – Christmas run up and maths tests”

Project 365 2017 week 49

trees against blue sky

It’s week 49 (yep, only 2 weeks today til week 52!).  As per usual the year has rushed on by.  Here’s this week’s Project 365. On Sunday I played around with festive flatlays and photo props.  One of my worst habits (apart from biting my fingernails and like to eat some real junk-y food) is courses.  Yes, I have a tendency to start courses but never finish the. Usually because I get left behind really quickly.  This week I’ve been… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 49”

Wasgij puzzle – Christmas 2 in 1 Turkey’s Delight review

wasgij puzzle turkeys delight

I go through phases with jigsaw puzzles, and this autumn has seen me get back into them again.  It started with the lovely and relaxing Falcon de Luxe Christmas 2 in 1 puzzle, but has now moved onto a first for me. A Wasgij puzzle, the Christmas 2 in 1 jigsaw, named Turkey Delight. If you’ve never come across Wasgij before, they’re like a mystery in themselves.  The picture on the box isn’t what the jigsaw image ends up like. … Continue Reading “Wasgij puzzle – Christmas 2 in 1 Turkey’s Delight review”

Swimming pool safety and distracted parents

swimming pool safety - Bubbablue and me

Water and swimming pool safety is the reason why most parents sign their children up for swimming lessons.  Or maybe I’m missing something?  So why on earth do some parents take along toddlers to watch their siblings swim and then not keep an eye on what the toddler is doing? N has been in swimming lessons since 3 months old.  Yes, by now you’d imagine he would be on the verge of swimming miles and becoming a youth team swimmer,… Continue Reading “Swimming pool safety and distracted parents”

Prestige Flowers for a striking Christmas bouquet

prestige flowers bouquet

Since I started my flower photography course I’ve been enjoying having flowers around the house.  We’ve not got many places to put them, so the kitchen window seems to be the best place.  It’s nice to see them as we drive up, and they’re not too close to the Aga to get hot and wilt quickly.  Prestige Flowers sent me one of their Christmas bouquets and I was keen to see what they were like as I’m fairly picky with… Continue Reading “Prestige Flowers for a striking Christmas bouquet”

Living Arrows 2017 week 49

Living Arrows taking photos in the flowers garden

This week’s Living Arrows photo was taken during our festive day out at Waddesdon Manor.  N actually remembered to take his own camera with him, and once we were in the gardens he had a great time running round and taking photos of the flowers. I’ve not had a look at the camera yet, so I’m not sure what is on there. The anticipation is quite high although he seems to have forgotten.