Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity

Paper people outline activity ideas for children - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes as a parent we come across something so simple that our children enjoy and wonder why we’ve never thought about it before. It’s only really been this year that N’s been interested in drawing (last year he discovered colouring was fun, this year It’s drawing and writing). He’ll surprise me by getting out numerous boxes of pens, pencils and other craft bits and pieces when I least expect it. It is annoying when I walk in to find sellotape… Continue Reading “Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity”

The big transition from baby and toddler swimming

What's the big transition from baby swimming to child swimming lessons - Bubbablue and me

I couldn’t imagine not having swum with N from a young age. My own journey with learning to swim was very up and down from age 5 to 7, and the OH isn’t keen on swimming, so I wanted to make sure N was capable of swimming as a child.  We started his lessons at 3 months old along with most of my NCT group in a Water Babies class together. In the 5 1/2 years he’s been to swimming lessons,… Continue Reading “The big transition from baby and toddler swimming”

Children’s birthday party convert

From a birthday party hate to a party lover - Bubbablue and me

N doesn’t really do birthday parties. I love children’s parties because at the moment, most parents stay which gives me a great opportunity to catch up with mums I don’t get to see at school. But N isn’t usually a fan. So he normally refuses to go to any he’s invited to. It doesn’t even matter who the child is, it’s usually a no. The parties he has been to since starting school (other that his own) have all been… Continue Reading “Children’s birthday party convert”

11 awesome easy kids activities for Olympic Games

Whenever the Olympics comes around, it’s a great opportunity to encourage children into the different sporting activities, especially those more unusual ones. I love the atmosphere of the Olympics (I managed to get to see the Volleyball at London 2012), so I’d like N to get to experience a bit of it on now he’s old enough to understand it. Ok, so we can watch the sports on tv (and if I have my way it’ll be on a lot… Continue Reading “11 awesome easy kids activities for Olympic Games”

First time rockpooling and beachcombing at Barricane Beach

Friends going beachcombing and rockpooling at Watersmeet beach Bubbablue and me

Sometimes, N can be really grouchy. It’s mostly unexpected because he’s a happy little chap usually. But sometimes a trip really doesn’t make him happy at first. On one morning on holiday, the weather was looking a little drizzly so we decided a morning rockpooling and collecting shells would be a good idea. Barricane Beach and Watersmeet were calling. With the 3rd family having gone home, we headed off with the remaining family to the little bays. Walking down some… Continue Reading “First time rockpooling and beachcombing at Barricane Beach”

I-Spy books – the activity book relaunch

i-spy books

When I was a child I had an i-spy book of horses. I loved that little book, having been bought it at Banbury Museum just after moving to the area. I didn’t really manage to tick off many of the horses, but I loved it all the same. So when I heard that I-Spy books were being relaunched this summer, it made me smile. I jumped at the chance to take a look and try the modern versions out ourselves.… Continue Reading “I-Spy books – the activity book relaunch”

Birmingham day trip – Wonderful World of Trains and Planes

Birmingham day trip to wonderful world of train and planes

I’ve decided I really should avoid going to places when it’s raining.  Or at least have a list of places suitable to visit when it’s wet, without being overrun and needing to queue. During half term I’d take N on a day trip to Birmingham, and we’d finally go to Think Tank.  Not a problem you’d think, it’ll be less busy than London, we can go by train and I’ll not book in advance because N’s fussy and sometimes refuses… Continue Reading “Birmingham day trip – Wonderful World of Trains and Planes”

29 seasonal activities for an advent calendar

29+ seasonal activities for advent calendars - Bubbablue and me

Last year N had a treat and had a Lego advent calendar, but I’m tight so wasn’t going to buy another one.  He also had a fabric calendar  that I filled with chocolate coins and slips of paper with activities on. This year, I planned to do the same fabric advent calendar.   We did discuss advent again…because N needs to understand the run up, that it’s the preparation for Christmas, and not Christmas already arriving.  N decided he wanted another… Continue Reading “29 seasonal activities for an advent calendar”

Old skool frisbee fun with family

family frisbee fun

Last weekend was one of the coldest of the autumn so far, but that didn’t stop N wanting to get outside and play. I’d been telling him to stay off the grass because it was just too wet to be driving his gator round, but he got so excited later in the day to see his uncle turn up, that playing outdoors was too much of a lure.  So much so, that he forgot he’d wanted to go out on… Continue Reading “Old skool frisbee fun with family”

Paddington’s First Concert with City of London Sinfonia

double bass at rest at the Paddington's First concert

I love to go to the theatre and concerts but haven’t been to many since having N.  I’ve been aiming to get him to appreciate and enjoy music (other than AC DC which still seems to be his first love, now extending to the Foo Fighters), and when I was looking for Christmas events I spotted the Paddington Concert that was at Warwick Arts Centre, brought to Warwick by the City of London Sinfonia. I always forget about Warwick Arts… Continue Reading “Paddington’s First Concert with City of London Sinfonia”