My Sunday Photo – shooting arrows

My Sunday Photo - shooting arrows

N loves to play outside, and this crossbow and arrow set are his top toy at the moment. Mostly because the arrows fly so far and fast and he can see how high he can send them.  So far, one is lost on next door’s roof and a second is in next door’s garden. I’m hoping it gets thrown back over before their dogs get to it. So one left. Hopefully the others will be retrieved soon. (*Affiliate link –… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – shooting arrows”

My Sunday Photo – Strictly show

My Sunday Photo - beauty and the beast Strictly Banbury costumes and dancers

This weekend has been the local Strictly show, with local ‘heroes’ and ‘pros’ from the local ballroom dance school.  This year 2 of my friends were taking part – they both danced nicely, but for the matinee I was at they didn’t make the final stage. There were some lovely dancers – some I couldn’t tell who was the pro, others were definitely not dancers!  I’d love to take part in something like this, maybe if I lose my weight,… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Strictly show”

My Sunday Photo – macro practice

My Sunday Photo - macro tulip petal

The detail on my tulips as they’ve decayed has been gorgeous.  I’m so happy to have my camera back from being fixed, it means I can do proper macro shots again. It’s strange going back to manual photography again after my phone and having used my semi manual compact camera for the best part of a month.  It’s going to take some getting used to and a bit of practice. I think the petals look a bit like feathers with… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – macro practice”