My Sunday Photo / Project 52 2018 week 7 – Zebra fun

zebra selfie at Whipsnade zoo

Half term is nearly over for us – back to work and school on Monday.  N spent Monday and Tuesday working on the farm with his dad, and checking lambing progress – he has 10 ewes due to give birth, althoguh this year is a bit confusing because they’re not clear which of the 20 sheep are his and which are his cousins. I suppose they’ll just divvy them up once all have had their lambs. Then we had 3… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo / Project 52 2018 week 7 – Zebra fun”

My Sunday Photo / Project 52 2018 week 6

contrajour light through decaying flowers

As part of a flower photography course I’m doing, one lesson was on contrajour – shooting into the light. Given the weather’s been shocking at weekends when I’m around to go out, I’ve struggled to do any of the course since before Christmas.  But it was dry last weekend and we went for a walk on the Snowdrop trail at Evenley Wood Garden, and the light was perfect across these. This was actually shot in daylight but I much preferred… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo / Project 52 2018 week 6”

Project 52 2018 week 5 – Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

rallye monte carlo historique cars in Banbury

This week I was surprised to find the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique in town for the day.  I had a wander round at lunch time. Considering I’d not seen any advertising for it before the day, and that it was a weekday and raining, it was quite busy.  I didn’t get to see the cars driving round, but it was still nice to spot different ones, including Colin McRae’s winning Subaru.

Project 52 2018 week 4 / My Sunday Photo

Sky through the trees

It’s week 4 of Project 52, after a miserable weather week.  It’s really felt like January has just been wind and rain. Roll on blue skies and drier weather so we can get out and about more (or at all). Last weekend N went out with 2 friends and his cousin bowling and then for Pizza Express for his birthday.  He had a great time, while it made me relieved that I only have 1 child and not 4 boys! … Continue Reading “Project 52 2018 week 4 / My Sunday Photo”

Project 52 2018 week 2 – Bicester Heritage vehicles

Bicester heritage military vehicles lined up

Back for week 2 of Project 52, and thankfully the week ended better than it went for most of it. I started off last Sunday with a sore throat, and that’s been the theme for the week. Horrible cough, sore throat and fuzzy painful head.  Adding to that lots going on at work with announcements left, right and centre. Oh and the heating systems broken at work as well.  Mornings through til about 3pm was like a sauna, then it… Continue Reading “Project 52 2018 week 2 – Bicester Heritage vehicles”

My Sunday Photo – pantomime ready

My Sunday Photo - theatre panto

This week’s been a busy one after N broke up from school on Tuesday. What with seeing the Blenheim Palace light displays, meeting up with friends and a trip to Charlecote Park, and then the pantomime. N’s never been to a proper panto before.  Last year the Cinderella performance was more like a play than a pantomime, but the Sleeping Beauty this year was all pantomime.   The last time I was in this local theatre was when I was about… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – pantomime ready”