Discovering a dream pet with Petplan

dream pet - stripy 4 legged soft toy creation

This is a collaborative post N would love a pet of his own.  He tells me that it’s not the same having his own sheep (10 and all look like they’ll be lambing this February), and cows (2 cows, 1 has just calved).  And that the dogs on the farm aren’t really his.  But he’ll have to wait for a real puppy of his own in a few year’s time. In the meantime we’ve been lucky enough to work with… Continue Reading “Discovering a dream pet with Petplan”

Smashing fun with Smashers sports toy collectibles

Smashers packs

Like so many children N loves a collectable. Actually I lie. He likes the opening up and surprise of a collectable.  Then they get left somewhere and forgotten about.  Then eventually I throw them out and he never notices.  I tend to get a stash of them for rewards – when he completes a row of stickers he gets to lucky dip and pull one out.  But it’s rare he ever gets more than a couple from a range. But… Continue Reading “Smashing fun with Smashers sports toy collectibles”

6 easy ways to keep kids entertained while on holiday

6 ways to keep kids entertained on hols - Bubbablue andme

When you go on a family holiday you always end up taking so much paraphernalia with you, you don’t want to take tonnes of toys.  The hope is that you’ll have good weather and the children will just spend all day playing outside. But there’s the journey, early mornings, evenings and of course the rain, that means taking some toys with you is a sensible idea. 6 eays to keep kids entertained on holiday *includes affiliate links 1, Arts  and… Continue Reading “6 easy ways to keep kids entertained while on holiday”

MOKURU fidget toy review – addictive desk toy

Mokuru samples

I’m not really a fidgeter but I do get easily distracted.  And I get bored a lot at work if I’m doing the same thing over and over again.  So being sent the MOKURU fidget toy, a desk based fidget product, was going to help give me some time out at work (and home). Expected to be the next big thing to take over from fidget spinners, and brought over from Japan, the MOKURU is a really simple desk toy. … Continue Reading “MOKURU fidget toy review – addictive desk toy”

Kite flying and nest building – kite giveaway

Get kids outdoors with kite flying and nest building - Bubbabue and me

There are some great benefits to living where we do. The view. Living close to family. Plenty of space for N to play in. The downside is that it’s pretty breezy because there’s no shelter from other houses or hedges etc. The bonus of that of course, is that it’s great for flying kites.  When I say kites, I mean easy light ones, not massive stunt kites.  I think we’d have to go up our hills to use those. We… Continue Reading “Kite flying and nest building – kite giveaway”

10 things you should be buying from The Works

This is a collaborative post I love to shop and have been a fan of The Works for many years now.  Any shop that rotates stock like it does, and has bargains galore of the little things that can be bought for myself, N or presents is a winner in my book.  I also have their loyalty card (amongst the masses in my purse.  Is anyone else overrun by loyalty cards?).  I’m always amazed when people look at me blankly… Continue Reading “10 things you should be buying from The Works”

Num noms flavour play – giveaway

Sour Citrus Cupcake Starter Pack FW PKG F - Copy

This year has seen the launch of Num Noms to the UK.  I know when I was a child I’d have loved these – little toys, great for getting creative with and something to collect.  They’re not N’s cup of tea, but they’re going down a storm with other children. If you’ve not come across Num noms they’re little characters in the shape of cupcakes and ice creams that can be played with and combined to make different flavour mixes.  Not… Continue Reading “Num noms flavour play – giveaway”

Micro Riderz giveaway – they’re mini but ride big!

micro riderz loop and jump pack

N’s not big on playing with cars. Give him tractors, lorries, quad bikes, trains and he’s happy though. When I spotted these Micro Riderz Loop and Jump sets, I knew these would be hours of fun for him, and probably lots of other children. The Micro Riderz are only 4.5cm long, but are really speedy.  If they were scaled up, the equivalent speeds of up to 470mph! To make them go, you just rev them up and let go, with… Continue Reading “Micro Riderz giveaway – they’re mini but ride big!”

Fun learning with Tiggly Counts, plus giveaway

Tiggly counts units

I’m trying to get N prepared for school in September.  I don’t think he’s going to have any problems settling in on the emotional and social side.  He’ll be going to school with several children from his nursery, 2 of his cousins are at the school, and has been at nursery since he was just about one.  It’s more the focus and lack of interest in learning to read and write that I’m concerned about. While he has started to… Continue Reading “Fun learning with Tiggly Counts, plus giveaway”

Stunts and scooters – trying out the Zinc Chozen scooter

trying out an adult stunt scooter

N’s had his scooter since around his 2nd birthday. He always had a go on the ones (too big for him) at Baby Bounce, so I started him off with a My First Scooter which changed from 4-3-2 wheels. Great idea but really heavy scooter and doesn’t fold up like it’s meant to. I’ve always wanted to try as well; we have to go elsewhere to use the scooter outside, as the farm drive is mostly gravel. So for me… Continue Reading “Stunts and scooters – trying out the Zinc Chozen scooter”