Swimming trunks for boys – shopping nightmares

Swimming trunks for boys and shopping nightmares- Bubbablue and me

I’ve found in the past that whenever I’ve wanted to buy the next size up clothes for N, I always struggle to find the size I’m after. It’s almost like the whole of our town have gone out and bought every item of clothing in that size just before I have. Sods law. But I’ve never been as exasperated as I have the last couple of weeks trying to buy swimming trunks for boys. Of course, if N was like… Continue Reading “Swimming trunks for boys – shopping nightmares”

From hoodies to crew necks – jumper fussiness

When kids go rogue about clothing choices and become fussy about jumpers - Bubbablue and me

I always said that N was easy with clothes.  He’s never wanted to choose his own clothes when we’re out shopping.  Usually I just buy things I like and I think he’ll wear, and usually there’s no moaning about the clothes I put out for him. Unfortunately this winter N has turned fussy, in particular about jumpers. Previously he lived in zip up hoodies. They were his favourites, and quite often he would get those out of the drawer if… Continue Reading “From hoodies to crew necks – jumper fussiness”

Summer clothes at Mothercare

Boys summer clothes at Mothercare - Bubbablue and me

When I shop for clothes there’s always the same shops I go to.  Mothercare is one of the shops that is still there in our town but I rarely visit now N’s that bit older.  I usually nip in on the off chance, usually to check out swim wear or basic t shirts, but rarely buy much.  So when offered some summer clothes for review I was looking forward to seeing what was available now N’s in that awkward age where… Continue Reading “Summer clothes at Mothercare”

The mystery that is primary school uniform

mystery of primary school uniform - Bubbablue and me

To those of you with school age children already, do share your experiences and advice.  I’m after a lot of information to help smooth my (I reckon the kids get the easy end of the deal) path into the school age child stage. It’s all about the mystery of primary school uniforms. Size My first issue with primary school uniforms.  It’s a minefield.  I started looking in July before the school holidays, but I’ve already had problems finding uniform that… Continue Reading “The mystery that is primary school uniform”

Boys swimwear from House of Fraser

Swimwear’s a bit of an unknown for me with N.  When he was at Water Babies, it was easy.  A happy nappy plus then a rash vest because I didn’t want him shivering, plus it was easier to grab him rather than a wriggly bare torso.  But moving on from that has meant some thinking was required. Now he’s in normal children’s swimming lessons, I’ve continued with the rash vest which is the norm for him, and have had to… Continue Reading “Boys swimwear from House of Fraser”

Summer ready, shorts galore

Gap childrenwear bargains

I love spring, and we’re most definitely now in it.  Sod that the equinox hasn’t been and gone yet, meteorologically, March equals spring.  So that means new clothes, lighter, brighter clothes, and sales shopping. Admittedly, I’m waiting until I lose some more weight (it was going well, but has slowed a bit in the last week or two) before I buy lots of nice clothes for me, but N needs shorts and summer trousers so I can still go shopping. … Continue Reading “Summer ready, shorts galore”

Trendy Thursday – whales and bicycle t shirts

bike t shirt from Sainsburys

I’ve been trying to look out for some more summery t shirts, and Sainsbury’s came to the rescue as usual the other week.  I’m always in there checking their boyswear out.  Add to that their regular 25% off Tu clothing, and I was pleased to spot a couple of t shirts that would be perfect for N. While he has a few shirts with all over motifs, I’m not usually that keen on them when I’ve seen them on other… Continue Reading “Trendy Thursday – whales and bicycle t shirts”

Getting creative – designing and painting t shirts

Painting T shirts with a decorating kit bubbablue and me

I’ve had a stash of fabric paints for ages, and meant to get round to decorating some bags and tops, but needless to say we never got round to it.  But recently buytshirtsonline.co.uk sent us a t-shirt design kit to let N have a go at designing his own t shirt, so we couldn’t put it off any longer. I wasn’t sure how N would take to the painting.  He’s ‘decorated’ a t shirt at a craft party when he was younger…actually… Continue Reading “Getting creative – designing and painting t shirts”

Trendy Thursday (ahem) – colour brights

purple and blue colour blocking

I only remembered the other day, that I had a great outfit of N’s I wanted to share.  Hence why we’re a bit late joining up with Trendy Thursday. The other day we headed out to Hatton Adventure Farm.  It was a lovely warm day, and N was in serious brights.  Usually his clothes are quite muted – either top of bottom being dark or neutral colours, with the other half being a bit brighter.  There’s a lot of navy… Continue Reading “Trendy Thursday (ahem) – colour brights”

Trendy Thursday – September Shorts

boy with oak tree twig trendy thursday

It feels so strange that N’s still in shorts and we’re over halfway through September.  But it’s still wonderful weather with beautiful John Keats’ ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’.  We’ve definitely been making the most of both. My Trendy Thursday spot this week is a post nursery outfit, which was a bit of an accident. N had a change of clothes at nursery the other day and ended up coming home looking like a bit of a scruff bag,… Continue Reading “Trendy Thursday – September Shorts”