How to introduce kids to musical instruments with pBuzz

introducing kids to music with pbuzz - Bubbablue and me

N loves music. He’s getting to the stage though, where he wants to make more of it and do it his own way. Whether that be blasting rock out through the tv or CD player, or tinkering on the piano. More often than not, N’s making up a song with whatever random words are going through his head at the time. I love his singing. Totally spontaneous, and it rarely makes much sense at all. But I love to hear… Continue Reading “How to introduce kids to musical instruments with pBuzz”

Music Exploration 23 – Young musician of the year

Music exploration - playing a piano tuning app game

And, again I’m late with our Music Exploration post this month.  Maybe I should change the date?!  Or not.  Anyway, this month has been an interesting mish mash music wise, but largely it’s been focused on learning instruments and the return of the ipod. This month, we have Listened to The ipod.  Now I’ve got a new car, my CDs are in the house again, so I’ve put the ipod back into the car.  A few new track updates and… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 23 – Young musician of the year”

Music Exploration – west coast swing and the national anthem

Playing his ukelele - Bubbablue and me Music Exploration

I can’t believe we’re a month on already, and I’m thinking I need to get back to playing N music in a specific sit down appreciation session…or at least playing music a lot more at home so he’s more aware of it. This month we’ve been Singing The national anthem – yes, God save the Queen.  N’s been coming home from school singing it.  I’m not sure why although he says they’re singing it in assembly.  She’s not coming to… Continue Reading “Music Exploration – west coast swing and the national anthem”

Music Exploration 20 – the likes and loathing of film music

dancing to Horrid Henry

This month’s Music Exploration covers what feels like a broad spectrum of time, given we’ve got Christmas in there as well as the more normal new year.  So it’s a real mix of, mostly accidental, music. This month, we Sang More nativity songs and Christmas carols. N had his nativity play back in December.  He was a villager and that meant singing in most of the songs, so I was astounded that he sang every single one he was meant… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 20 – the likes and loathing of film music”

Music Exploration 17 – golden oldies

grooving on a sunny afternoon outside

It feels like ages since I’ve done a Music Exploration post.  Or in fact, anything about music, but looking back at my notes, we’ve been listening to quite a lot.  Informally as usual, but I’m loving that N is starting to ask more about the music we’re listening to. This month we’ve been: Discovering old music loves Most of my 350 (yep, 350!) CDs are in the loft, but I was getting a bit sick of the few that N… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 17 – golden oldies”

Music Exploration 16: Festivals at home

chilling out listening to music at nursery

This month’s been a quiet one for music. Our plan to go to Cornbury didn’t happen because N had his non-birthday party the same weekend, so we’ve been limited to talking and listening to music on the radio and tv. Listening to: ACDC on the radio.  It’s not often Radio 2 plays hard rock on the radio, but one day ACDC came on the radio on the nursery run.  N was so pleased, he was singing along. We’ve also heard… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 16: Festivals at home”

Music Exploration 14 – Easy listening and folk

pointing out the sheet music

I knew something had slipped my mind the last couple of days.  Yes, my Music Exploration with children post and linky.  I had it in my diary, but other things cropped, up so we’re a couple of days late. This month we’ve had a lot of musical things, listening, dancing and playing.  Here’s the snapshot for the last month where we: Played The piano.  I’m planning a full post on this but we finally (after about 12 years) have my… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 14 – Easy listening and folk”

Music Exploration with children 13 – classical music

musical exploration badge

I hadn’t even twigged that last month was a year since I started our music exploration.  I’m not sure what I’d planned had quite happened, but N has certainly been exposed to different types of music. And he’s enjoying a lot more than just ACDC which is what the aim was. We’ve enjoyed rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, Disney and more.  This month has mostly been all about classical music courtesy of Classic FM’s Hall of Fame over Easter. Listening… Continue Reading “Music Exploration with children 13 – classical music”

Music Exploration with children 12 – let’s rock

musical exploration badge

I’m a bit late this month with our Music Exploration post, but I’m blaming our holiday for it.  I’d scheduled a few posts, but there’s only so much I could get done, so music had to wait until our return. This month’s been a little short on achievement musically.  I’d planned for country music to be a decent part because of the C2C  festival on Radio 2.  We did catch some of the music on the radio, but not enough… Continue Reading “Music Exploration with children 12 – let’s rock”

Music Exploration month 11 – 60s and opera

musical exploration badge

I have to admit that I’ve not really done everything I’d planned to with music for N.  Instead he’d been experiencing new music by default, whether by listening on the radio or on tv.  Still, every piece of music counts when you’re trying to instill an enjoyment of lots of different genres of music. But this month there have been some interesting pieces that N’s been listening to.  Hopefully that increases N’s awareness and gets him more experience and hopefully… Continue Reading “Music Exploration month 11 – 60s and opera”