Flying to fairytale destinations

Flying to fairytale destinations Jordan - Bubbablue and me

Some people dream of travelling all over the world since being children.  I can’t say I’ve ever got the serious travel bug, and I always say I’ve not been to many different countries. Although I have done New Zealand and New York, so along with a few European locations I’ve not done too badly for my travel experience. But everyone has their own dream places they would love to visit.  That fairytale destination that they know would make them go… Continue Reading “Flying to fairytale destinations”

Tops tips – preparing to move house

moving boxes

This is a collaborative post Nowadays most people don’t stay living in the same house forever. I’ve moved many times over the years since finishing uni, but much to N’s disappointment, it’s likely he’ll not get to move house before he’s an adult. You can’t just move a farm! But for those who do move, moving to a new home is an exciting yet stressful time in life. While you’re getting ready to embark on a new adventure, you want… Continue Reading “Tops tips – preparing to move house”

Family beach day essentials for Bosworth Water Park

Family beach day essentials at Bosworth water park - Bubbablue and me (1)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias We live pretty much in the middle of the country. That means it’s handy to get out and about – we can get to many places within an hour, but the beach…we’re talking over 2 hours each way. That means we only see if when we go on holiday. But I’d heard about an inland beach at Bosworth Water Park – under an… Continue Reading “Family beach day essentials for Bosworth Water Park”

10 things you should be buying from The Works

This is a collaborative post I love to shop and have been a fan of The Works for many years now.  Any shop that rotates stock like it does, and has bargains galore of the little things that can be bought for myself, N or presents is a winner in my book.  I also have their loyalty card (amongst the masses in my purse.  Is anyone else overrun by loyalty cards?).  I’m always amazed when people look at me blankly… Continue Reading “10 things you should be buying from The Works”

What we love about back to school – plus giveaway

Holiday scrapbook excerpt

The summer holidays are rapidly passing by – even with me being in work, it feels like it’s whizzing by. For N he’s mostly been in holiday club – with the OH or his Gran usually picking him up early at 3ish and taking him back on the farm. Of course this wasn’t agreed before I paid for the holiday club so I’m out of pocket quite a bit. Maybe one year the OH will tell me he’ll be doing… Continue Reading “What we love about back to school – plus giveaway”

How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution

How camping is the perfect family outdoor fun solution - Bubbablue and me

Apart from being ill at the 2 guide camps I went to as a child, I’ve always been keen on camping. But my camping experiences have never been with family. It’s either been with the guides, with Woodcraft folk (where we got flooded out in Barmouth), or with friends after uni (including a very cold February in Snowdonia – never again). Oh I suppose camping out every summer in the back garden with my brother counts as family camping? After… Continue Reading “How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution”

Reminiscing about 3 generations of school years

reminiscing about 3 generations of school days - Bubbablue and me

Back to school.  It’s a phrase that brings joy to some people, but sadness to others.  In our house it’s a mixed bag.  I was a bit of a swot at school and loved it.  So far, with his foundation stage completed, N is enjoying his school days.  But the OH in contrast wasn’t a fan because he just wanted to be at home on the farm. In Marks and Spencer’s #MySchoolYears campaign, they’re celebrating school and uniform through the generations… Continue Reading “Reminiscing about 3 generations of school years”

7 outdoor family fun ideas to get down with the kids

7 outdoor family fun activities - Bubbablue and me

Living on a farm meant there wasn’t much chance that N wouldn’t love the outdoors. He’d play outside all day given half a chance. I on the other hand, as so many other adults do, put off going out because of everything else that gets in the way. Of course it wasn’t always like that, I used to enjoy as much as any other children playing outside. In fact, our childhood house overlooked a green and all the kids from… Continue Reading “7 outdoor family fun ideas to get down with the kids”

Get ready for school with Reading Eggs

This time last year, I was preparing N to start school. Aside from the social and practical aspects, I was hoping to build on his (basic and disinterested) learnings from nursery in phonics and numbers. And that’s where Reading Eggs came in. You can read more about our experience with Reading Eggs although I have to admit that our use of it is extremely sporadic. Mainly because N prefers to learn through play and hates waiting for electronics to move on… Continue Reading “Get ready for school with Reading Eggs”

Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks Summer of Sport dvd giveaway

alvinnn and the chipmunks summer of sport dvd

Whenever I spot new tv shows that N’s watching, so many of them are reworks of programmes from mine or my brother’s childhood tv watching era.  One of those is Alvin and the Chipmunks.  We used to watch the original (I’m presuming from my brother’s time – or maybe we would just sit and watch anything at certain times of the day), and since then there’s been the film which was also fun. N’s never really seen much more than… Continue Reading “Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks Summer of Sport dvd giveaway”