Fun with Staccups and 5 second rule games review

staccups game

If the new Staccups game doesn’t win numerous toy or game awards I’ll eat my hat (or I would if I wore one).  When I was introduced to some of the new games from University Games at Blog on Xmas, I didn’t expect to get hooked on one.  But Staccups can do that to you even if you’re not a particular fan of board games.  Following the Blog on conference, I was sent 5 Second Rule and Staccups game to… Continue Reading “Fun with Staccups and 5 second rule games review”

Pass the pigs game – review and giveaway

pass the pigs games

Games. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that they can be great for family life. A chance to have some fun, relax (or maybe not if everyone gets competitive), and a way to get all ages involved.  For me, the retro games are still the best – especially if you’ve got the old versions still hanging around cupboards.  It’s rare that the modern versions are as sturdy as the old ones. I love reminiscing about the old games… Continue Reading “Pass the pigs game – review and giveaway”

MOKURU fidget toy review – addictive desk toy

Mokuru samples

I’m not really a fidgeter but I do get easily distracted.  And I get bored a lot at work if I’m doing the same thing over and over again.  So being sent the MOKURU fidget toy, a desk based fidget product, was going to help give me some time out at work (and home). Expected to be the next big thing to take over from fidget spinners, and brought over from Japan, the MOKURU is a really simple desk toy. … Continue Reading “MOKURU fidget toy review – addictive desk toy”

Making maths fun with Fundels games

Playing number games with Cartamundi Fundels plus a review - Bubbablue and me

I’ve mentioned before how N is just getting into games and I’m a big fan of anything educational.  When Cartamundi asked me to review a couple of their newly launched Fundels games, I thought it was a great opportunity to broaden N’s game options.  And help enforce his maths at the same time. Cartamundi are specialists in playing cards and card games, and Fundels have been launched to bring a fun and effective way of learning into the world of card… Continue Reading “Making maths fun with Fundels games”

Picking up letters with My First Bananagrams


I’m astounded by how many people I talk to who have no idea what Bananagrams is. And yet, as soon as we bring out the game (or Appletters which is the game we have), everyone gets really excited about it, kids and adults. I was excited to receive My First Bananagrams for review. While the other games are great, N really needs to work on his lower case letters, and get those off pat, and the My First Bananagrams gives… Continue Reading “Picking up letters with My First Bananagrams”

Going back in time with Legends inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox

happy with the giant dinosaur

I love really thinking about what I can buy friends and family for birthday and Christmas presents.  Some of you may have seen me asking around recently for gift ideas for my best friend (she’s even commented that she feels that her presents are a bit rubbish compared to the ones I get because I put so much thought into them), and I’ve thankfully found something unique and hopefully exciting again. But, when you get really stuck, it’s always worth… Continue Reading “Going back in time with Legends inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox”

The jigsaw puzzle bug – Gibsons Buckingham Palace puzzle

Gibsons Buckingham Palace jigsaw puzzle

I think I’ve got into the jigsaw puzzle bug again. I used to do them a lot but then found I didn’t have time or space. But now I’m back into them, and just tend to do a small bit each evening while I’m waiting for N to come back from the farm for his bath. This time I’ve been attempting a new Gibsons puzzle, Buckingham Palace which was launched around the time of Princess Charlotte’s birth, and the Queen’s… Continue Reading “The jigsaw puzzle bug – Gibsons Buckingham Palace puzzle”

Learning by quiz with Brain Factor

brain factor age 4-5 fan

I’m all for getting N to do learn, although he’s not that keen on sitting down for a length of time and focused learning.  Anything that’s in bitesize fun pieces works much better, especially if they grow with him. We were asked to review Brain Factor which are like quiz books based on age.  I thought these looked brilliant because of their size and opportunity to use them anywhere. The fans are age specific, coming in 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7.… Continue Reading “Learning by quiz with Brain Factor”

Learning and exploring with Lego

learning and exploring Lego

Who doesn’t love Lego?  It’s usually a part of everyone’s childhood, and N’s just progressing from Duplo to proper Lego.  Unlike when we were children, there’s now massive ranges of Lego, and more options for different age ranges.   I’m all for encouraging a love of Lego and creating items, so getting the chance to choose some for review from Asda Direct was a great opportunity to get N into it and encourage him to be more creative with his building.… Continue Reading “Learning and exploring with Lego”

Exploring flying with Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles jumbo jet

peppa pig muddy puddle jumbo jet opening

Like many all 3 year olds, N is obsessed with Peppa Pig.  I’m not overly keen as I’m not really a big fan of character items, plus having to turn on another of our Peppa Pig recordings every 5 minutes when I’m trying to do things in another room, is a bit of a pain.  However, arguably, the show is at least fairly educational, cramming quite a lot into those 5 minutes. So, while I don’t choose to buy character… Continue Reading “Exploring flying with Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles jumbo jet”