Flashing fidget toys from Zing – Spinbladez and Spinzipz

Like so many other children this year, N loves fidget spinners and any other quirky toys he can fritter away time on. We were sent some recent release fidget toys from Zing – the Spinbladez, Spinzipz and Thumb Chucks to review. We both love the Spin toys.  Both the Spinbladez and Spinzipz are addictive.  Who can resist flashing lights to remind you of disco lighting? Both are good chunky, good quality toys.  Dropping these isn’t going to break them. The… Continue Reading “Flashing fidget toys from Zing – Spinbladez and Spinzipz”

Searching for stars with Discovery Kids telescope

putting the telescope up

N has always been interested in the moon and stars ever since he was a toddler. So I was hoping that being sent the Discovery Kids telescope to review was going to be a hit with him. My degree was in geography so I’m always interested in trying to encourage any interest N shows in the world around us. When the 40mm astronomical telescope arrived in its box it was massive. There’s certainly enough padding to keep the telescope safe… Continue Reading “Searching for stars with Discovery Kids telescope”

Swimming with Baby Swimming Shop accessories

kids shortie wetsuit

N’s been swimming for 5 ½ years – you’d think by now he’d be able to swim unaided for a decent distance, but no not yet. N does everything in his own time. However after our experience trying out some Zoggs seal dive sticks and a swim fin from Baby Swimming Shop, I’m thinking we might have progressed further using these in the past. Baby Swimming Shop, despite the name, isn’t just for babies. They also sell children’s swimwear and… Continue Reading “Swimming with Baby Swimming Shop accessories”

Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband

Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband - Bubbablue and me

I love my fitbit and I’ve always wanted to give it to N to see how much activity he does during the day compared to me. But instead of risking him losing my Fitbit, Leapfrog sent us a Leapband to try out. N was excited as soon as I opened the parcel up. He loves wearing a watch so the Leapband went down well immediately even before he knew it spoke to him. Yes, he’s a typical child and loves… Continue Reading “Kids get active with Leapfrog Leapband”

A ball and a half – the Wicked Mega Bounce XL

Megabounce xl ball review

You know when you see something and think, what fun, I fancy one of those.  Well, the Wicked Mega Bounce XL was one of those items. I’m a sucker for a good outdoor toy, and if it’s a super bouncy ball or something a bit different I want to have a go with it.  We were able to review the Wicked Mega Bounce XL ball, and we’ve had quite a bit of fun with it. The downside of giant balls… Continue Reading “A ball and a half – the Wicked Mega Bounce XL”

More interactive fun with Megableu Games

megableu games

We enjoyed our Halloween games from Megableu games, so were anticipating similar types of games for our second games session. N was just as excited about their arrival.  They were certainly unlike any games we had as children.  Back in the day, interactive games were limited to Buckaroo, so it’s great to see games getting more adventurous than flat board games. We had 3 games to review, Alien Mission, Trickin’ Camel and Cobra Attack.    And damn, more sets of batteries… Continue Reading “More interactive fun with Megableu Games”

Fun playing Dobble Kids, plus a giveaway

Dobbie kids game

We were introduced to Dobble last Boxing Day.  We’d gone for tea to my sister-in-law’s house and one of her 16 year old niece had brought it along for everyone to play.  It went down really well with all ages of children, and the adults having a go, so I was debating getting it for us in future. But recently, I was lucky enough to receive the newly launched Dobble Kids* to review.  This is based on the same premise… Continue Reading “Fun playing Dobble Kids, plus a giveaway”

Halloween games for family nights in

watching the creepy hand

I’m trying to build up a stash of family games for N.  Games are something we used to play a lot of as children, and although he’s an only child, he’s got plenty of cousins to enable him to get into games if I’m not around. So far we’ve mostly stuck to card games like UNO which he loves for some reason (probably because he keeps beating me), and interactive games like Elefun (which I laugh at him playing because… Continue Reading “Halloween games for family nights in”

Firing children’s imagination with wooden toys from George Home

putting the pieces on the rocket toy

I’ve always been partial to wooden toys.  They tend to be more classic, reminders of back to my youth, and last longer than plastic toys.   Right from N being a baby, we’ve tended towards wood for toys, including his first ride on truck and tricycle through to his wooden railway which he’s just got out again ready for more wintry weather when he’s less likely to go outdoors to play. We were given the opportunity to check out some of… Continue Reading “Firing children’s imagination with wooden toys from George Home”

Laser connect with a remote control toy robot

remote control toy robot

When N opened the box that Paramountzone sent us, he was beside himself.  Wow, it was a remote control toy robot ‘just like the one that’s at nursery’.  I don’t think I’ve seen as much excitement over a delivery box before – although even the OH was interested to see what was in the odd shaped box and he usually moans with the ‘junk’ he says I get.  No more, even he’s since been having a play with the robot!… Continue Reading “Laser connect with a remote control toy robot”